Friday, May 25, 2007

Book Expo America

This year Book Expo America is in New York City, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center from May 31 - June 3.
I'm not attending this year, but I will never forget my first Book Expo last year in DC. Upstairs housed hundreds of children's book publishers and some promotional companies. Downstairs ... there were thousands of publishers! The main floor could have held several football fields, it was so massive. I remember going down the stairs in total awe, completely overwhelmed by what I saw. I had mapped out the contacts I wanted to make, but it was impossible to hit every booth on my list. I even managed to get into the agent area for thirty minutes! I was a little more composed for Sunday and was the second author at my publisher's booth signing books that morning. (Moved all fifty copies, too!) I did get some time to simply wander aimlessly and met some really nice people.
Craig had a good time, too. He came home with dozens of bags and over a hundred books!
If you ever get the opportunity to attend, do so! It will be a weekend you will never forget.


Mike Douglas said...

What a huge event! I get a little overwhelmed just reading your description of it.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

It WAS overwhelming! You should see the pictures from Book Expo - I have a full page devoted to them in the gallery section of my website.
And my husband got to meet many celebrities in his wanderings, too, including Jim Belushi and Dr. Ruth!