Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bikini Coffee

Guest Blogger Today!

"A coffee stand in Oregon called Coffee Nation is trying something new. Their girls wear bikini tops to increase sales!
"Now while this doesn't give the ladies much to look at, I'm sure it's a big draw for the guys. I'm not protesting, that's for sure! In California, this would be no big deal, but Oregon is just a wee bit colder. Guess that would make it interesting on chilly days!
"There's always drawbacks, though. What if they hire someone who has no right to be wearing a bikini? No one wants to see that!
"Even worse - what if the guys had to wear them? Augh!!!"
- Jason Phillips, Chicago Bears Quarterback

1 comment:

Mike Douglas said...

haha... Well, California, Seattle... why not Oregon as well? It's the trend, friend, it's the thing to do. I'm not a bit surprised; the use of sex to sell coffee is part of a natural progression given the hip status the dark brew has attained in recent years. As for me, just gimme a cuppa Joe any way it comes. Don't know from no lattes, don't need no foamy froth, don't need no bikini tops.... Anyway, I doubt that the scantily clad caffe-mocha vendors have much trouble staying warm, and they don't get hired if they got no business there.