Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Live Chat

Live chat tonight at 7pm EST. Go to the site below to register:


Feel free to drop by and ask the author a question. She might even tell you a little bit about her next couple books!


  1. Diane, it was truly a please speaking with you tonight.
    Thank you so much for attending.

  2. Thank you all for making it so interesting! I am sorry if I cannot type fast enough to keep up with the questions...
    Since everyone had nicknames, I may never know who anyone was from their comments here though....

  3. Hi! I'm sorry I missed the chat. I enjoyed reading it. I also have self-published 3 books, one on skin care for students (SkinCareStudent.com), one on massage for students and one on NJ.

    I am finding self promotion is difficult for me, since I tend to be shy, though the skin care book is doing well) Thank you for sharing your time at the chat, again, sorry I missed it. Deb/NJ

  4. Sorry you missed it, too Deb - at least you can still read the transcript.
    Sounds like your books are non-fiction - so much easier to promote! Don't let shyness stop you from telling the world about them, either. Be bold about your dream!
    Wish you were closer and could attend one of my publishing & promoting seminars. I could get you some ideas for promoting that would not involve the shyness - and some that would begin to eliminate it!