Sunday, April 15, 2007


As I begin my physical touring for Book IV, I am already looking to the future.
I need to decide what direction to head next.
Do I start my own publishing company? Do I know enough about the industry to survive? I would have to decide whether to continue with Lightening Source, POD and listing in Ingram or to go offset and risk not being in Ingram - plus invest a lot more money. Will I take on new authors?
And what of my current series? Do I keep them as is? Or do I clean them up even further and promote as a Christian series? It amazes me how many people still think my books are not clean enough! I found a wonderful website that promoted clean books, but there could be no mention of sex. All five of my stories revolve around two characters in love, most of whom get married partway into the book - how the heck am I not supposed to even MENTION that sex is involved? Where do some people think babies come from, anyway?
Should I reel back on the writing and focus on the seminars? Should I research even further and really go after full blown, multi-night instructive seminars?
So many questions! But I have to focus or risk becoming ineffective in many areas.
I remember the days when all I had to do was write ...


Mike Douglas said...

So many difficult questions! I think it would be fantastic if you started your own publishing company. It would be a big, scary risk, but I'm sure you have the knowledge, experience, connections, and pure moxie to pull it off.

As to the matter of modifying your books, I'd vote against that one. Part the reason I've enjoyed what I've read so far is that the stories bridge a gap, they have a very solid, real feel to them that enables us to identify with your characters and their lives so well. Of course, I'm no Christian, and I can't look at your stories in the same way that someone who thinks they're “not clean enough” does, but I'll tell you this: if you take away the grit, you alter and possibly eliminate at least part of the aspect that everyone can relate to. Just my two cents. :)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Rest assured, Mike - modifying the books is not likely to happen! I will do some re-editing on Book I, but it will not change the storyline. I like appealing to all groups and I like presenting values & morals without whapping anyone over the head with religion.
I'm into heavy research for the publishing company right now - scary, but it's the next logical step.

Mike Douglas said...

That's good to know. I think you handle such issues just right as it is.