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Darlene Wofford - Amazing Author!!!!

Last fall I met the most incredible woman, Mrs. Darlene Wofford! We originally met through a ListServe, which led to a radio interview and eventual meeting at one of my signings in Atlanta.
But Darlene has the most incredible story to tell, and I suggest everyone get a copy of "Edgewise". It is powerful beyond words!!!
Here is an interview with this amazing woman! She is one of my heroes!!

Your book, "Edgewise", is so powerful and emotional - how hard was it to write? Did you have to relive each moment?
The portions that are actual memories flowed effortlessly, once the first vision ignited the initial memory back in 1984. I would say it was more difficult to STOP the progression of memories. I recall wishing my mind had features similar to a VCR with a "PAUSE" button, so I could take a rest from writing. When I came to the unpleasant memories, I wished I could "Fast Forward" through them in order to get to happier times. I did become emotional when I read through my memories and was compelled to intersperse the scenes in the psychiatrist's office to show my/Delaney's progression. I had to relive the sessions in order to convey them into words. That was certainly an emotional time for me. So yes, I did relive each moment, and my emotions ranged from laughter at some of the dumb things I/Delaney did, to tears of anger and heart-breaking sadness. How hard was it to write? I wouldn't say it was "hard to write"--not as hard as the decision to publish it. I've laid my life story out for the world to see, and so my heart and soul are in this book.

To see you today, no one would ever know the trauma you experienced - to what do you attribute that transformation?
I went through a time when I was a complete and utter MESS! I was uneasy around men, I couldn't look at a child without crying, I couldn't see anything that reminded me of those times without crawling back into my shell, or at least wishing I could do so. I am truly blessed in my life that God has sent and continues to channel His love to me through those who support and care for me. My husband, Carl, and I will celebrate our 40th anniversary on June 2nd, and we're more in love today than the day we married. The things we've gone through we've gone through them "together." What didn't break us made us stronger. Our sons, my sister and brothers, my mother when she was living, my friends--the list just keeps growing as God puts them in my path.

Anytime someone expresses concern for you, or cares for you, or even asks how you're doing and are sincerely interested in knowing the answer--those are all forms of love. My transformation didn't really begin until several years ago when I recognized that to be true. I looked around and realized that God really HADN'T turned His back on me as I had thought for so long. As long as I am conscious of the love within my heart and share that love with others, the love within me becomes even stronger. Love is a perpetual thing. In other words, the more people's lives I affect in a positive way, the more positive my life becomes!

I know your son did the cover art - how has your family felt about this book? What was their initial reaction when you announced it?
Yes, our son, Cory did the cover art. It's a silhouette of my head and shoulders with the little girl inside the head depicting me as a child. It has a very significant tie-in with the story. When they first read the manuscript several years ago in the 90s, they cried, they laughed, smiled and cried some more. They each hugged me afterward and told me how much they loved me, and how proud they were that I could put all my thoughts and feelings into words. My husband and both our sons, Kenny and Cory, have always encouraged me to pursue getting it published, but they didn't push the subject. They told me I would know when the time was right. When Cory designed the cover, I was so proud and considered it his stamp of approval and reassurance. My guys have always encouraged me to "Go for it!" and I love them all the more for that!

There are so many people with a story to tell out there - what would be your advice to an author hopeful?
In the brief time, just over a month since my novel was published, I've been approached by several who have shared their story they would like to write, or have begun writing, or have an idea about a story. My advice is simple: stop talking and begin writing. Join a local writers' club, where they'll not only receive support from fellow authors, but acquire knowledge shared from their experiences. Of course, writing courses offered in the local colleges are always helpful.

How did you get involved with Kathy Lewis and the radio show "Your Inner Voice"?
I've known Kathy Lewis since 1989 when I attended Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance, which she founded. We've been friends since that time, and I joined her at Capstone in 2002 where I developed the Career Services division. I was a guest on the show in October, 2005, and she asked me to co-host with her beginning January, 2006. "Your Inner Voice" is one of my most fun experiences, and I would love to be involved with another radio show again one day soon!

What are your goals with this book? Where do you intend to go next?
I would love nothing better than to have the book picked up by a commercial publisher. My ultimate goal would be to have the book made into a movie with Ashley Judd playing the role of Delaney. Forgive me for visualizing, but I'm a devout believer in "If we can see it and believe it...we can certainly achieve it! Right? "Edgewise: An Assignment to Remember" is the first of three novels in the "Edgewise" series. I am currently working on the second novel, "Seven Years 'Til Sunrise," scheduled for release in 2008, with the third, "Hummingbird Heart," to be released in 2009. Of course, my goals include seeing these two books made into movies, as well. Once again, both of these are based on true events in my life, so they will each reflect the obvious presence of my heart and soul.

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