Friday, March 23, 2007

What Road Trips Teach You

After logging over 55,000 miles in the past three years, I thought I would share with everyone some of the things I have learned while on these long road trips. Perhaps this will better prepare you should you ever travel extensively up and down the East Coast from one book store to the other!

When traveling in Washington DC proper, in order to reach your destination, you will have to make an illegal turn or some other moving violation to get there. Get over it!

Never snack on finger food immediately after using scented hand sanitizer, unless the taste of flavored soap turns you on.

MapQuest will never give away the exact location of anything.

Tunnel/Bridges are pretty neat, until you are in a line of about five hundred cars waiting to enter one and supposed to be at your next signing in fifteen minutes. (You're gonna be a little late.)

It is physically impossible short of teleporting to get from one side of the Orlando Metro area to the other.

Trust your instincts, not the map - the sun always sets in the West/SouthWest.

And the last great truth about road travel ...

While on the freeway, never, ever use your wiper fluid with the windows rolled down!

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