Monday, March 05, 2007

Charging Moose & Other News of the Weird

* Guest Blogger Today

"Working in the news industry, I see all sorts of strange stories come through the wire.

"I have to say 'Moose Brings Down Helicopter' is one of the stranger tales. Brings images of Godzilla to mind. The moose had been tranquilized and in its delirium, charged at the rotor. The helicopter had to land and unfortunately, the moose had to be shot due to injuries. If someone had been filming, it would have become 'When Animals Attack' video footage.

"Obesity surgeries in teenagers caught my eye. That's just really sad. As is the story about rats chewing on the baby or the toddlers taught to smoke pot. What sick person would teach a child to smoke pot? Makes me so thankful I go home to a happy, loving and normal family every night!

"Now if you will excuse me - a story just came in about Elvis Presley voting in a New Guinea election!"

- James Sheppard, Junior Editor, Orlando Sentinel

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