Saturday, February 17, 2007

Record Snowfall

*Guest blogger today

"Snow continues to fall!

"I never understood the concept of being housebound until now, but the snow has discouraged any travel. Fortunately for Jason, football season is over. He still works out almost daily and has many commitments outside of football, but he's not in danger of missing a critical practice or game. So it's just been the four of us!

"In Denver, Sarah's in the same boat. They've had so much snow! Matt has made it interesting for her, though. He always finds ways to entertain!

I guess we are both blessed that a snow day does not drive our families crazy. I am enjoying the time with Jason and the kids. Guess that this is God's way of forcing some quality time on us!

"I intend to enjoy it!"

- Lori Phillips, Olympic Gold Medalist

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