Monday, December 18, 2006

The Tour Is Over

December 17th marked the last day of my tour for Book III. Starting mid-April, over 65 scheduled appearances, dozens of interviews, and dozens other stores I visited to sign copies on hand. Toss in dozens of high school libraries, a book festival, several articles, a seminar booked, hundreds of event announcements, interest from an agent, and an online writer’s club, and it was a very full year!

As always, it’s the fans & friends that kept me going! From the young fan whose family just missed me during their vacation in Myrtle Beach and drove 100 miles the following weekend to come see me, to the wonderful young woman who’d met me last year in South Carolina and drove into Columbus, Ohio this summer to spend time with me on my first foray into that area – their dedication helps me keep my commitment, too! I appreciate it so much!

Book IV is slated to come out this spring. Every year I learn more about promoting and I intend to do more online for this book than any other. I love the touring and will not stop, but for the sake of my sanity, I will scale back the appearances this next year. (My husband would appreciate seeing me now and then, too!) I plan to be involved in as many websites & forums as possible and have already been submitting articles. I also intend to make my first three books available as free E-Books on as many sites as possible to generate buzz, along with a portion of Book IV.

I am hoping my fans will assist me by passing along any websites, groups or forums on which I can get involved, post an article, post a free E-Book or link, or anything of that nature! Several people have volunteered to be test readers for Book IV, and I can always use more! (Along with readers of the first three books.)

There’s only a couple things slated for 2007 at that moment before the release of Book IV. I intend to use that time for Internet promotions and to complete Book V.

I’m beat – but it was so worth it! True success is how many people’s lives are better because of you, and I hope I successfully touched many this year. Here’s to the new friends I will make in 2007!!

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