Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knowing Your Calling

Another tremendous day at a book store! I meet the most interesting people - even the grumpy ones! (And there were quite a few out today, too.)

I just stay positive and cheerful, because that's my calling.

Some people become missionaries. Some people take up a cause like animal abuse or a cure for cancer. Some people do non profit charity work. Some witness to others while some fight for their beliefs all the way to the Supreme Court!

But I know my calling, my place in this world. I was given naive, child-like enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude like you wouldn't believe. I am here to encourage and bring a message of hope. I am to find the good in all situations and people.

I may only be one person, but God knows that!

And one person CAN make a difference!!!

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Marcus said...

Hey, how are you. goog for you. keep up the good work. my blog has changed. it's now at

keep in touch, marcus