Friday, August 11, 2006

A Step Of Faith & Brief News

Still workinig hard on Book V! Heather is proving to be an interesting character and is making me stretch a little. Her "co-star" is unique as well. Specualtions are flying as to who that will be, although I've had two fans guess correctly. Let's just say this relationship will not go as smoothly as the first four!

And a step of faith refers to going outside one's comfort zone, reaching out to others, and just believing and expecting the best! I always try to step out on faith - usually more of a leap than a step - and the results lately have been incredible. And while most times there is a reward, occasionally it's the steps benefitting others that matter most.

You might be the only person to reach out to someone that day - and it might be all they need to step out on faith for themselves!

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