Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Another Special Person

Quick update - the publishing house reviewing the manuscript for Book IV is still reviewing it and I'm getting back with a potential agent on Thursday. Little bit every day!

Want to add another special friend!

A young lady whose family was also visiting Myrtle Beach (great vacation spot, huh?) purchased the first two books last summer when I was there doing a signing. I took a picture of her, but unfortunately forgot her name and did not get an email.

Her family's vacation this year fell just short of my return to Myrtle Beach, so they decided to attend my Charleston signing instead - 100 miles away!!!!! I was so stunned! This time, I got her name and email address, and took several pictures. She's such a sweet young lady, with truly awesome parents who went to a lot of trouble to make sure their daughter met up with me again to get an autographed copy of Book III.

Fans like that are priceless! So I'd like everyone to meet Brittany from Pennsylvania:

Thanks for believing, Brittany! Never stop dreaming!

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, to have a fan like that, wow. I bet she will treasure that book for a long time too.