Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Hip Huggers

Well, I finally did it. I purchased my first pair of hip hugger jeans.

I've managed to avoid hip huggers for a long time. Watching young, pudgy girls walk around in tight hip huggers and half shirts really turned me off of wanting a pair of my own. Not that I wouldn't look better than 90% or more of the current population that wears them, but because they looked so darn uncomfortable. And anything with the potential of squeezing me to the point I look like an egg with legs is just right out!

But yesterday, I found the perfect pair. A size 2, loose in the leg and with breathing room in the middle. And since my size is next to impossible to find, I snatched those bad boys right up! And you know, they don't look half bad.

I don't look like an egg with legs, but I'm still not going to wear a half shirt with my new hip huggers!

It's not how you look as much as how you feel you look.

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