Friday, February 17, 2006

Size Does Matter

I think that was the slogan for the really crappy American Godzilla movie that came out serveral years ago!

Oh well!

But size does matter. Rather, THE size matters!

My husband got me a really cute black and pink sleep PJ's set, tank top, pants, and shorts, for Valentine's Day. Bless him, it was an adult small. It fits ... mostly! Legs drag. Okay, they cover my feet! But, it's beautiful! So I don't mind.

Today, our Steelers Superbowl Champions t-shirts arrived. Craig held one up and I thought it was his! No, that was my child's size 14! Guess I should have ordered a 10 or 12 instead. Should have learned from the Georgia Tech t-shirt I got last year - fit perfect, got it home, and realized I had purchased a small - CHILD'S!!!!!

Size does matter!

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