Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Love is unpredictable

Not love that is established necessarily.

Love is unpredictable when it's going to hit.

In the quest to bring a little boy into the household, never predicted that a girl would enter instead. Never intended to fall in love with her, knowing how much it will hurt when she leaves.

Wanted two kittens after Hobbes passed away, but did not intend to get them before that happened. Didn't realize two black strays would enter the house and my heart.

Never realized how many wonderful friends I would make through the promotions of my books. Didn't forsee the love & support that would keep me going and how much some of these friends would renew my spirit and hope.

Can't predict when love is gonna hit. Question is, what will you do when it does?

"No man is so rich that he can afford to squander even one friend."

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