Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Life is a series of adjustments.

Rocko has spent one whole day in our house now. She's doing better, but has quickly realized not to come anywhere near the big, mean kitty. (That would be Hobbes, our 19 pound wonder kitty!)

We are adjusting, too. Time to kitty proof the house, teach Rocko "No!", and make sure she does not chew on any cords and zap herself. But it's fun - forgot what it was like to have a kitten in the house! (Hobbes is 15 & 1/2 - so it's been a while!)

It'll keep us busy. But hey - I already have to much to do - what's one more distraction at this point?

Especially when she's soft and cute!

And we did it to safe a life!

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