Friday, October 14, 2005

Things I Have Learned on the Road

After years of driving the highways across this country, in moving from one state to another, traveling on business, or promoting my books, I have learned a few things about the road:

Never impatiently pass or cut off another car near your home town - you never know when they will follow you into your subdivision because they are one of your neighbors!

Always get a good running start when heading for a big hill.

Never fully trust MapQuest.

If you get bored, count flattened fauna - I always find roadkill amusing!

Never "pig" a trucker.

If you travel a lot, start noticing how many states use the roadside for "orange barrel storage".

Never lead the pack - make sure there is someone in front of you that is traveling faster.

Jello is difficult to eat while you are driving.

And my favorite-
Never use the wiper fluid while your windows are down!

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