Tuesday, November 01, 2005


It's not the same holiday it used to be.

We used to have trick or treators - had two batches tonight, which is better than last year when there were none.

Used to watch "The Crow" every year - with Ashley in the house, decided against it this year.

Did make "Zombie Vomit". Of course, thanks to a slip of the tongue, this year it's "Vombie Zomit"!

Did have some friends over for some Karaoke Rev. and DDR. I'm better at the DDR than the KR (and this from the person with no sense of balance or rhythm!), but tonight, I actually did not come in last in KR! I have to wing one song every time, but I'm okay at two.

One is Mr Mister's "Broken Wings". Beautiful song and I know all the words. That helps.

The other is "Like a Virgin".

I really, REALLY hate that song!

What a scary Halloween tradition!

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