Saturday, June 18, 2005

On the Road Again

Just got back from Charlotte last night - and getting ready to head to Virginia today. Last weekend it was Winston-Salem. The week before it was a 2000 mile round trip to Arkansas. My husband says that making my new Tribute go out of warrenty as fast as I can should not be a goal! But it's okay - the vehicle is just a tool.

I never really think about how many miles I drive, or how many phone calls I make, or how many letters I send out. I just do it. I just pay the price. It's all just an investment in my future, my dream. So I just keep going and going.

Speaking of going, gotta hit the road - and spend the time creatively planning the next scene in my book!

Be willing to do what others won't do and you will live like others won't live!

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