Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tough Times

Watching the news the past few days - it's been difficult to remain optimistic & positive.

People are without their homes after Hurricane Katrina.

In New Orleans, people are dying.

In Iraq, almost a thousand people died from a stampede yesterday.

And locally, gas prices soared to $3.50 and shortages are occuring as 95% of all gas supplied to North Carolina comes from a company whose pipeline lays damaged and without electricity in Mississippi.



I am thankful I have a home. I have air conditioning and plenty of food & water. I will remain safely in my home all weekend long, enjoying quality time with my husband and working on my next novel. While gas stations all around us are out of gas, I still have half a tank in my Tribute, enough to get me through next Wednesday.

Obviously God is trying to tell me that while it's tough out there, I am still blessed to be where I'm at right now. Things will get better!

Tough times never last but tough people do!
- Robert H. Schuller

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