Monday, August 29, 2005


Sometimes even I get tired and drained by what I do every week. And despite my normally positive attitude, I occasionally question whether my efforts are for naught.

Every time, God sends a little confirmation that I'm still on the right path!

Between the people I met this past weekend, the wonderful new readers and store employees, I was boosted again. From the woman who works with young people with illnesses and disorders to the the wonderful young employee who purchased both books, I felt regenerated and convicted.

It came from the most delightful email I received from someone to whom I had made a difference. Just knowing one chance encounter could change someone's life gives me such a drive to keep reaching out.

And it came from someone telling me that I spur on the efforts of other authors, setting the bar high.

Guess there's no quitting now!

The word 'encourage' means "to inspire courage". The latent potential within someone in their areas of insecurity may await your encouraging words.
- Gary Chapman

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