Monday, September 05, 2005

Taking Time

Most people either spent the past three day weekend frantically cramming in everything they've been meaning to do for ages or simply wasted away the weekend as if they were a slug.

There is a happy balance between the two!

I had a few little projects to do this weekend, but combined them into leisure time with my family. (Husband and overly-furry cat!)

And for out & out relaxation, I worked out, got some sun, and spent many hours working on my next novel. (And the tragedy that involves a character in denial.)

Sometimes priorities get out of whack and one must step back and redefine what is truly important.

And then do them!

What's most important at this time in life?
Where should the time be spent?
If anything could be done, without restrictions, what would it be?
Are there areas that need attention?
Is there a secret dream or desire that is continuously put on the back burner?
- Cheryl Richardson, "Take Time For Your Life"

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