Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Insecure Writer's Support Group & Inspirational Artwork

It’s time for another edition of The Insecure Writer’s Support Group, hosted by Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh.

It’s approximately one month until the release of my next book.

All edits are complete. My blog tour dates are set and I’m working on guest posts. I should have bookmarks by the end of the month. Postcards and notifications will go out this month to book sellers and libraries. I have a few Publish and Promote seminars set. I’m attending one book festival.

What’s odd is I don’t have a single ‘book signing’ scheduled. No bookstore, library, or otherwise. And I’m not sure if that’s good or bad at this point.

My last book release was almost three years ago. At that time, print books were still doing well. Bookstores were beginning to slide, but there were only a couple eReaders on the market. My appearances were fewer than other releases, but I still did well.

But since the majority of my books now sell in eBook format, I’m just not sure that traveling across the East Coast to do signings for physical books is a financially sound idea. Fifty dollars in gas, eight-nine hours of my time, and all to sell a couple dozen books? Maybe? It’s just not worth it anymore.

Times have changed. Time to adapt to the new market. I think focusing on eBook sales and my seminars will be my best course of action.

I’ll miss those physical appearances though. Nothing like meeting fans face to face.

For those of you who’ve been around a while, does that sound familiar? And if you’re a new writer or author, does the idea of fifty signings a year scare you? At the time, I just did what I had to do…

I won’t have a post this Friday, but I didn’t want you to miss out on the inspirational images. You guys have viewed my photography for ages now, so I decided to show you some images I could brag on a bit.

My husband is a computer graphic artist, and below are some of the fun images he’s done. Most are a few years old, but his work has appeared in more places than you can imagine. He is incredibly talented, using 3D Studio Max, Z-Brush, and PhotoShop to create his masterpieces. I’ve also including his animated movie, Steve’s Bad Day, if you have time to watch it. (Yes, I was two of the voices.) Enjoy!


  1. Wow, your husband really is talented! The vid is currently not showing up for me but I will refresh the page and see if that works. :)

    So exciting that your launch is only a month away!! Congrats, and Happy New Year!

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming launch, Diane!

    I've been around a while and the idea of 50 signings *still* scares me...ha! You do so much better with that stuff than I do.

    Love your husband's art!

  3. Happy 2013 Diane! I wrote my IWSG post about signings as well. I really enjoy meeting authors face to face, and would miss them if they were to disappear.

    Your husband's are is fantastic. I'm always awed but such great art/graphics.

  4. Your husband is amazing. And so are you. So glad you are bringing your book into the world, Diane.

  5. Wow, your husband's work is amazing, Diane.

    I can't speak from the writer's side, but this reader misses book signings (no bookstores in my N. Atlanta 'burb). Never cared about the signature, but I miss the opportunity to meet and chat with writers I admire. That said, I rarely bought books at signings. I usually already owned a copy.

    Congratulations on your launch!

    ~VR Barkowski

  6. Interesting how the shift in book markets influences how you spend your time marketing-- especially since you have published during different phases in the market. Best to you as you negotiate this maze.

    The graphics are amazing!

  7. Graphics are amazing!
    Not a chance I'd want to do fifty signings in a year.

  8. It’s approximately one month until the release of my next book.

    I can't wait until I can say of luck to you!

  9. Awesome graphics! I agree, your husband is truly talented. I'm happy if my stick person looks like a stick person.

    I agree also that times are changing. Book signings don't seem viable anymore. I hope you have lots of success anyways with your ebook.

  10. Elizabeth, I'm just glad I don't have to do that anymore.

    Jaybird, just so few places to do them now.

    VR, that's half the problem - no bookstores.

    Mark, one day you will.

    Clarissa, I did artwork when I was younger, but with such a talented husband, I don't even try anymore.

  11. I'm such a computer graphics fan. Thanks for sharing your husband's work here today. He's amazing.

  12. Love Steve's Bad Day! Classic.

    Happy New Years to you and yours. And let me know if I can help with Your release of your book.

  13. Cool artwork! I have to admit, I haven't done many physical appearances since each one has had extremely poor attendance. I couldn't help but feel that it was a money suck, since I also did not see a measurable increase in book sales after the events. I have been working on some ideas for physical appearances that would be more economically savvy and will post about them on my blog in the future so everyone can see if I fall on my face or find success.

  14. Hi, L. Diane,

    CONGRATS on the new release. SOUNDS Exciting. The new year is staring with a BANG for you..

    ALL THE BEST! You'll do GREAT, I know you will!

    FANTASTIC art!

  15. Extremely pumped for your upcoming LD! I definitely think you're wise to evaluate how the market has changed. Money and time are equally precious to the modern writer.

    Plus, there are just so many ways for you to connect with fans now that don't involve traveling great distances or lots of expense. (Google+ hangouts, Facebook things, etc.)

    Best of luck on the release and hopefully many more in 2013! :-)

  16. Good luck with your upcoming release L.Diane.
    You really keep your finger on the pulse and are in touch with the market changes...
    Your hubby is also an artist? What an amazing talent!

  17. Good luck with the new book. Your post got me thinking about those digisigns or authorgraphs that you can do as an author to allow digital uses to get a "signed" copy. What do you think about those?

  18. Beautifully done images!

    Honestly, I don't know about book signings and the like yet. Just taking it one step at a time for now.

    Good luck!

  19. Gorgeous graphic.

    As for book signings, I've done some, but I think they're much more limited than they used to be.

  20. I'm amazed at how talented your husband is. Those are so cool. And I agree with you...print is slowly losing ground and is not financially feasible anymore for many authors.

    Heck, Neil Gaiman is never going to tour again after he gets done with his last tour.

  21. Wow, your husband is incredibly talented!! I wish I could just make a movie trailer. LOL
    Good luck with your release. It is tricky now that print books are not as popular.

  22. Clee, thank you.

    Stephen, knew you would remember Steve's bad day!

    Steven, that's why I'm not doing any outside of my speaking engagements.

    EJ, when I began this journey, I wasn't even online.

    Holly, I think it's a cool concept, although getting a live signature means more.

    Johanna, they are! Now I will sell at my speaking engagements, because I always do, but outside of that, just no value in it.

    Michael, I don't have to worry about the cost of print, but the cost of signings is just too much now.

  23. Funny, my book came out first in ebook format. Print will come later. But a friend of mine jokingly asked, "Would you sign my Kindle?" So I understand that signings are about to fall by the wayside. I hope not too much, though. The physical book still holds much appeal for me and to have a signed copy? ::Swoons:: Awesome feeling. :D

  24. Hi Diane
    Love the artwork your husband did. I've been shopping quality so I know good work.

    As for your signings, what about writer conferences. You could give a class or two plus do a signing. These folks are your target readership anyway. I know there are multiple conferences here in Colorado every year. Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer's usually starts to shop for conference ideas in another month. Their conference is held in September.

    You probably know this already but just in case there you have it.

  25. I've shopped online for so many years now that I naturally gravitate toward ebooks. I haven't been to a bookstore in forever because I have a habit of buying at 2 am in my jammies.

  26. I only did two booksignings last year and they were local. I have fun at them but I also sell most of my books as ebooks.
    Super art work.

  27. Poor Steve; I have days like that. I love the dragon chasing the fighter plane. Now that could inspire an epic story.

    Your personal appearances and guest speaking probably do as much for you as a physical presence as the book signings. And I'm sure if have print copies available at your appearances, people will want a signed copy. I would any way; I still love paper books.


  28. Your husband's graphic work is great! The animated movie was cute. : )

  29. Love the pics. Very cool. I hate the idea of book signings falling by the wayside. But, it does seem to be happening. I rarely see them anymore at our local B & N--so you aren't the only author who must feel that way.

    Luckily, there still seems to be a lot of book festivals and conferences and stuff where fans can meet authors, so that's good.

    Good luck with your book launch and Happy New Year!!

  30. I wish you the best for your new book release. Good on you for moving with the changes. I really hope print never dies, of course it won't!
    You have one super duper talented husband. Awesome graphics!
    Happy New Year!

  31. Wow! You are a talented duo!!! Nice pics! And congrats early on your book release. It's good reading your plans . . .I'm gearing up for my very first one in mid February, and I'm just getting all the "business" stuff really going. I have a blog tour set, but I still need to write my guest posts, and I plan to get into a local bookstore tomorrow and hopefully get some interest from the owner . . .she supports local authors, even the independent self-published ones.

  32. I love how creative you both are~
    How fab to work together~
    Hubby is amazing and so are you :D
    Happy New Year!!!

  33. Congrats on the new book and if you ever want to drop by The Imaginarium, you're always welcome. :)

    I'm concentrating on one goal this year and that's finishing the writing projects I've let fall by the wayside for one reason or another.

    Here's to an epic 2013 and I LOVE the artwork. :)

  34. Times have changed, but there are also more readers than ever (despite popular belief to the contrary). Best of luck to your book launch! :)

  35. Mel, less and less people seem excited about a signature now.

    Nancy, trying to track some down. Most already have their speakers set for the year.

    Donna, I sell a lot of books at my speaking engagements. Plus I get paid to talk. Win-win.

    Tyrean, the independent stores are the best.

  36. those are some pretty awesome graphics! He sure is talented. Congrats and good luck on your latest book. I'm sure you'll do well, despite the lack of book signings :)Although I'm still soo into book signings myself.


  37. Cute video! One good thing about promotion today is we can do most of it still in our pjs.

    Happy Weekend!

  38. The idea of fifty signings sounds quite cool. As I only have an ebook available so far, it hasn't been an issue - but I still love the idea of people holding my book in their hands one day.

    I got a voucher for a second hand book shop for Christmas and I spent a good hour looking around - my sole aim was to buy old books. I got one from 1897, 1937 and 1950. It's the loss of that which makes me sad. (PS. they were all books I wanted to read.)

  39. I have my first book coming out soon and I still can't believe I wrote one. Book signings? I am tadpole in an ocean of vastness!

  40. Hi Diane .. congratulations on the year ahead .. you've done so much, that I feel your book will be successful. I agree meeting authors is so important, as well as 'fans' when you're out promoting ...

    It's great you're setting things out for us - and our edification along the road of publishing ...

    Cheers and have a great year ahead - you're always so organised ... well done - Hilary

  41. Wow, this book launch really snuck up on me. What a great way to start off the year! :)

  42. Congratulations on your new release. It sounds like you've been busy getting ready for it. I like book store visits, too. Fortunately, I think those are still good things for children's writers.

    You husband is so talented!

  43. Hi Diane,

    That's one amazingly amazing video. Unfortunately, maybe my computer is having a bad day, but the voices sounded like somebody talking under the water.

    Hearty congrats on the launch of your book which has been duly noted on my little read, very unknown, hardly worth reading blog. Unless, of course, my dog takes over the writing.

    Your latest starstruck fan,

    Gary :)