Monday, February 01, 2010

Blogging and Other Strange Things...

Today I was supposed to have a guest blogger. However, this person has vanished into thin air. So decided today's post would be the perfect opportunity for some bloggy discussions!

First off, what do you think about people who fail to send you a scheduled post? Have you ever done it to anyone else? Yes, sometimes we flake, but I don't believe I've ever missed sending an article, interview, or book info to any blogger. I have a notebook that holds all of my 'appearances' - those in the real world and virtual, plus a list of those appearing on my blog. I enjoy featuring others, as they bring a wealth of knowledge, variety, and new books and websites to my followers.

Now on to spamming issues and what we each do about the problem. I do not use a catch-phrase word, but I do moderate comments over seven days old. I catch most of the spammers in that manner, but one slips through now and then. That's when I hit that cute little garbage can and say yes, delete permanently! There's been quite a few spammers lately, so I certainly understand my fellow bloggers turning to the catch-phrase. Blog owner approval of comments is an option if you stay on top of comments. However, what drives me nuts is the combination. Really, that is double overkill! It sends a message of paranoia - or control freak, your pick. What do you guys think about the double-whammy? Is it just me?

What about those bloggers who never comment back? And I don't mean a book blogger with 1000 followers who can only comment back once in a while. (Dear Lord, those people are busy!) I mean the bloggers who have a handful of followers, almost no comments, and they never comment on your blog?

Now, after all that, what are some of the nice, normal behavoirs of bloggers? What keeps you going back to a site? What prompts you to follow someone? Do you try to include regulars in your blogroll?

The Spunky wants to know the good, the bad, and the awesome!

And visit Tossing it Out for more on this bloggy situation!

And just to end this post on a good note, here's a photo of our winter wonderland this past weekend:


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Things have been spammy lately, haven't they? I just delete it when I see it. I have a hard time with the captcha stuff, so I don't have it on mine.

I've got one AWOL guest blogger right now...for my Mystery Lovers' Kitchen blog. Slight panic, but then someone offered to cover for me so the annoyance has set in. I did send a reminder...bleh.

My memory is horrid, but I will put things on my calendar and I will respond to reminder emails.

On the upside, I get a lot of folks who comment and they're wonderful. And they plug me on their blogs, which is amazing to me.

Mystery Writing is Murder

The Old Silly said...

Way to pull together a fine post in the absence of well planned plans, Diane! lol

I once had a MAJOR book launch virtual tour all planned out ... worked on it for months, had a tremendous lineup of a dozen BIG blogs with high traffic and credibility. One week before the launch of the tour, two of the blogs just disappeared - well they were still there, but stopped posting and no answers from desparate emails as wtf? Anyhoo, hadd scounge around and get fill-ins at the last minute. Still pulled off a fine tour, but it was exasperating!

Marvin D Wilson

Mason Canyon said...

The spammers seem to have come out of the woodwork for sure.

Since I've only been blogging a few months, one thing I have wondered about was comments. I visit a number of blogs that I really enjoy, but I don't always comment. It's not because the topic isn't interesting, it is. It's just that the information doesn't really relate to me. Sometimes I think I should at least say "good post" or "interesting" just something to let the person know someone else read their blog. Not always sure what to do. ??

Love the photo, but sure wish spring would come soon.

Unknown said...

Goodness - yeah - well on commenting, I try, I have everyone in my google reader then scroll though, commenting on what looks interesting, sometimes though there's just nothing I can really add LOL...

As for the word thingy and the 7 days thingy LOL I did both, LOL I turned it off though - your right it is double kill and kinda strange...that stupid word thing drives me NUTS anyway on other's blogs - so :) This works! Thanks for pointing it out!

Sorry about the guest post :(

Helen Ginger said...

I do not like the spam comments. I'm like you, I have no reservation about trashing them. I'm trying not to use the squiggly letters. I do have to check my blog many times over the day, though. The hardest ones (I have one of these today) are those that you're pretty sure are just a bot spam, but the comment might be I left it. I don't want to cut a comment from someone real. 'Course it's anonymous with no link back, so I can't check.

Straight From Hel

Creative Chronicler said...

We all love comment, atleast non-spam ones. I just turned on my moderator, which I hate using but I also know people hate the catch-phrase thing so I chose moderating instead. Before I was just hitting delete when an annoying spammer posted but sometimes it takes me a day or two to check so I din't want the spam to stay up and possibly lead of of my readers to a bad site.

As far as commenting on other blogs, most bloggers who know me know what a super busy life I have and that I am just not able to post a lot of comments. I have a couple of blogs I'm very loyal to and try to post often on those. They also post often on mine, but I do get many blogs in my email inbox which is great because those I can read daily, so if I'm receiving you via email, I'm reading you, if I'm just following I try to read when I can.

As far as guest bloggers, I believe if you make a commitment you should live up to it. I am writing my first and probably last guest blog for awhile in a few weeks. It for a wonderful site that asked me to a few months back and I was honored that they wanted my thoughts. However, I know I don't have the time so I don't make the promises. And as for people guest blogging on mine, so far I have only had one person ask to and that was a a great experience because she was on the ball. I'm open to guest blogs on my blog but I don't seek them out because I try to preschedule and post due to my hectic lifestyle. Plus to me the whole purpose of being a blogger is for me to write the majority of my blog. I know several bloggers who have started a new trend of getting all their post from guest bloggers and to me they should call their blogs "The Guest Spot" if they aren't going to write their own material. Once in awhile a guest post is great or even a once a week feature, but in my opinion you shouldn't be a blogger if all your post are going to come from others. Sorry, a rant several of us bloggers have been discussing lately.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

CC, you "The Guest Spot" comment made me laugh out loud! I do like guest posts 1-2 times a week, but I am capable of coming up with my own.

And thanks, Marvin - nothing like a like pressure! Glad your tour came off okay. I've had that happen as well. There's always one that drops the ball.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I've noticed more spamming lately, too. Does spam ever accomplish anything except irritating the person it is sent to? I use that little garbage can often as I am trying not to add the squiggly words or moderation to my blog.

I haven’t had an AWOL blog guest but the experiences in my own life the past couple of weeks make me see how that could happen. However, if it’s simply due to carelessness, it’s inexcusable.

Good content and interesting writing keep me coming back to blogs – and in your case, Diane, the wonderful photographs, as well.

Since I enjoy receiving comments, I try to leave them as often as possible.

Arlee Bird said...

Here I am commenting on your blog post!

Thanks for the heads up about your excellent post in my comment section today. I have added the link to this post to my post for today since they are so closely related in subject matter. Gives me some added credibility when someone of your caliber is posting on the same topic.

Unknown said...

I guess I've been lucky! I haven't had an influx of spam (knock wood)!

I do have a "Favortie Blog" list and try to comment on those regularly. Usually those people reciprocate.

One thing that deters me from even reading a blog is it's length. We all have several blogs we follow, and if it's going to take me 15 or 20 minutes to read, I don't.

Also, like Mason, I do find that sometimes I may have enjoyed the post or learned something from it, but have no idea what to say. I want the person to know I was there, but what do you do when you can't contribute? Any comments or ideas, fellow bloggers?

As for CC's comment: I couldn't agree more! A guest blog here and there is fine, but what IS with this current trend of blogs that should be called The Guest Spot? (Good name, CC.) Blogging is a commitment of sorts, and if you don't have the time to write posts for it, cut back. Some people have not only turned their blog into a Guest Spot, but then turn around and start a second blog, and/or join several online groups, have blogs on other sites (???) — I don't get it.

A couple of months ago my work picked up like crazy, I was taking online courses, and just could not blog every day anymore. I was concerned about my followers, losing them and not getting comments...but it doesn't appear to have hurt me at all. Which presents me with a good opportunity to thank all of you who have continued to visit my blog.

Good post, Diane!

Arlee Bird said...

Crystal Clear -- I would suggest just letting the blog author know that you like it. And if you want just tell 'em you don't have anything to add or something like that. Sometimes a bit o' wit is nice if you're good at that sort of thing.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lee. I appreciate your feedback. Simple and to the point! I think I can handle that! :)

I am pretty good with words and most of the time DO come up with SOMETHING. It's just the rare time when I'm at a loss for words (which is saying a lot for ME! LOL).

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Crystal, I think you've answered your own questions! And I can't read a super long post either. That's why I tell guest bloggers to please keep it under 1000 words.

Lee, thank you! I thought it was ironic we were talking about the same thing.
And on your ending comment - oh, please! LOL

Kristi said...

Here's my story Spunky - As I am a fellow blogging addict (seriously need a group for us I think) I LOVED this post.

I tent to focus on that happy group of blogging friends that you end up finding that comment frequently AND have a cool site that keeps you wanting to read everyday. I mean..isn't that the perfect winning combo? Something interesting that is changed up always brings me back for more. I definitely have added bloggers to my blogroll if they are frequent commenters and have good material I like to read.

Having said that - I think I've found lots of cool blogs that I have failed to read on a frequent basis due to them not commenting my site regularly. I need to be reminded of people now and again!

I have been quite luck with the spammers lately...or perhaps clueless?!? I may have just jinxed myself!

Happy Monday and stay warm - these NC roads are quite horrible today!

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Kristi you have such a wonderful attitude!

And I'm not taking any chances with slippery roads - I'm staying hidden until tomorrow!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've gotten a few spam posts, but nothing I can't handle.
And I've met a lot of nice people through blogging!

Missy B. said...

I have been so awful lately about commenting on other blogs. I have been neglecting my own blog, and have not made the time to sit down and read others. Hopefully time will allow me to do better at this....

BTW, there is an award waiting for you at my blog;

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Way to put up an interesting post in a pinch! I've only had two spam comments, so I guess I'm lucky.
Aren't comments great? I see your comments on lots of blogs I read and think - now that's a dedicated blogger! You are spreading the blogger love.

Jemi Fraser said...

I've been lucky with spammers so far. Oops. Does that open the door for them???

I find the vast majority of bloggers generous & kind. There are a few odd ones here and there, but for the most part, I find them great.

DL Hammons said...

I try to comment as much as I can, but only when I have something to say that's relevant or furthers a discussion. A blog post about what you fixed for dinner won't get anything from me.

Debbie's World of Books said...

I hope I've never forgotten to do a guest post. I am pretty sure I've done all the ones requested from me but I swear sometimes I would lose my head if it weren't attached.

As for the spam thing my main pet peeve is the ones were you submit and then need to do a word verification but it pops you to the top of the post. So sometimes I don't realize I missed the verification and then navigate away from the page.

As for commenting I am trying to be better about that this year but I am constantly finding new blogs to follow and it's a never ending challenge to comment on them all. My first step is to reply back to the people who leave comments on my blog. I figure if they took the time to comment I want to acknowledge that I am reading and appreciate them.

Mayra Calvani said...

I always try to comment back, even though sometimes my busy schedule gets in the way.

Prill Boyle said...

I agree in theory with everything you say, Diane. We're talking basic consideration and manners. But the whole social networking thing is overwhelming at times, not just for me, but for everyone I think. It's not like the old days when there was just a phone call or two to return when one got home from work in the evening. There's only so much we all can do. We bloggers have to be careful about boundaries, careful not to give away too much of that most precious thing each of us has: Time.

Allyn Evans said...

I use the moderate feature and get email notification every time I get a comment. So it makes it easy to know and respond immediately to feedback or comments.

I particularly hate the adult themed spammers. Really?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Terry, thanks - I really try to visit as many as possible.

DL, you will NEVER hear what I had for dinner!

Debbie, you probably do it better than I, as I usually go through my dashboard. Which means I miss commenters sometimes...

Prill, we just do what we can! And you are always good about commenting back!

Allyn, I've only seen one here so far!