Friday, August 28, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place. ..."

I saw a ten second clip of the video for The Circle of Friends - oh my gosh, it rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the whole thing complete. It's amazing!

Several giveaways are still going on - please see my sidebar for cutoff dates.

I will announce the winner of MY giveaway on Sunday.

And now, on to the news!

Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC is seeking reviewers for their upcoming release, "The Evolution Conspiracy." View From the Publishing Trenches

I like that twist, don't you?

Vivian Zabel at Brain Cells & Bubble Wrap had some writing Do’s & Don’t Do’s

Donna McDine posted a link to an article - "Can You Profit from Writing for Free?" Write What Inspires You!

Yvonne Perry answers the question regarding separate ISBN for physical and ebooks Writers in the Sky

Marketing Tips for Authors had two great posts this week Promote Your Book With Facebook Groups & How to Deal With Negative Reviews

And 2 Kids and Tired Books posted a review of "Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families" 2 Kids And Tired Books
We all need that, don't we?

And my heart goes out to Jenners, who hosted me this week. She lost her father last weekend. Please visit her site and read the beautiful eulogy she wrote for him - Find Your Next Book Here

And thank you so much to Crystal at Crystal Clear Proofing for giving me the Helping Hand Award!


Inglorious Basterds - A

Wow, I feel I should apologize for the title! And would it be morally wrong if I said this is a really great film? If you like Tarantino's movies, you'll love it - if not, you probably won't. He loves interesting dialogue, so don't go expecting an action fest - it's quite talky. However, be prepared for the action when it does appear. Tarantino loves his blood! There's also many subtitles, as most of the cast speaks either French or German.
But the ending is SO worth it!

A big high five for all my Bloggy friends!


  1. Just LOVIN' that high-five there! Hope you have that pic on DA!

    Diane you're very welcome for the award! You are so deserving of it!

    I'd also like to congratulate you on a very successful blog tour! It being my first to follow, I learned so much met some great people! It was a wonderful and fun experience!

  2. Thanks for the links! And the cute photo.

    My husband has wanted me to see the Tarantino film with him and I've been sorta "eh." After your review, I'll go with him after all!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Thanks again, Crystal!

    And go, Elizabeth. I went knowing it would be good, but wasn't really excited. Craig & I talked about the movie for hours afterwards though!

  4. Diane, you are so much fun. That photo is great. I can't handle bloody movies, so I'll take a pass on that one. Thanks for the links.

  5. LOL - the Feline High Five is awesome. Kudos on the well deserved award!

    Marvin D Wilson

  6. I feel the same way about the Tarantino film title. It makes it hard to have conversations about the film. :)

    Thanks for all of the links. I'm off to check some of them out.

  7. I agree--the high-five is great. I'll have to wait until I'm in the mood for Tarantino.

  8. I just had to add a post script to this and the reference to the movie. Since "the word" in the film's title is not spelled correctly, then it really doesn't count as profanity, does it? Just a thought...a bit off-kilter maybe, but a thought nonetheless...

  9. Love the high five!

    My husband and son went to see Inglorious Basterds. I passed (I'd seen the previews). Son liked it. Husband didn't particularly care for the violence. I kinda wish he hadn't told me about it.

    Straight From Hel

  10. Thanks for the fabulous tips!

    Great blog~ cheers!


  11. Yeah, Tarantino isn't for everybody. I grew up on horror films, but a couple scenes in the movie made me cover my eyes!

  12. Aww, that is a classic kitty pic! Aside from the five claw salute, I love how he does the typical cat thing of cramming into a container that isn't really big enough for him.

  13. A big high-five back at the handsome cat! Is that feline too cool for school or what? My wife wants to know if it's yours.

    Haven't seen I. B. yet. I have mixed feelings about Tarantino's stuff but will probably see it with a friend. No doubt my wife will pass.

    Bob Sanchez

  14. Rocko is only 8 pounds, so she kinda does fit in the box. And yes, Bob, we claim her!

  15. Thanks for including my blog post in your tips. What a lovely surprise. Love the picture!

    Children’s Author
    Write What Inspires You Blog
    Donna M. McDine’s Website

  16. I'm glad you enjoyed Tarantino's new movie. I wish I was more of a fan myself, but oh well. Have you seen District 9? I highly recommend that one!

  17. You're welcome, Donna!

    And yes, Christina - really liked District 9!!