Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Oddity of an Author's Life

Authors lead some pretty weird lives and encounter unique situations.

And while the following event could happen to anyone, it did in fact occur to yours truly!

Quick background - our AC unit is about to die and someone was to come out this morning to give us an estimate.

Tomorrow is my anniversary and I wanted to surprise my husband by filling in the bald spots in our flower beds out front with new lava rocks. So I went and purchased half a 'scoop,' which equated to a lot more rocks than expected. It filled three large, plastic recycle bins and the rest was tossed into the back of my SUV.

As I pulled into my driveway, I realized there was no way I could carry those bins around to the side of the house. It made more sense to simply back up to the flower bed and dump from that location. So, off across the lawn I drove.

As I backed up to the side flowerbed, I noticed a red pickup rolling slowly past our house. He stopped, and then slowly backed into view. I got out and walked around to the garage, all the while eyeing this pickup. As I entered the garage, he pulled into our driveway. I scurried inside and peered out the window, wondering who on earth this person was following me. Neighborhood watch? Undercover cop?

My husband called and I prepared to inform him of our strange visitor. Before I could say anything, my husband told me that the AC guy had just called him to say he was at the house and that some crazy woman in an SUV had just driven across our front lawn!!!

I explained what I was doing and said I'd wanted to surprise him. After a good laugh, he assured me he was indeed surprised!

Yup, just another normal day around here!

And I ask - what were the odds the AC guy would arrive at the exact same moment and spill the beans?

I've also created a unique selling point for my SUV - comes complete with lava rocks!


  1. LOL - one of those "Oh Crap!" moments? :)

    Happy Anniversary!

    Hey I just added your blog to my Free Spirit blogroll, Diane - keep up the good work!

  2. Happy Anniversary Diane!

    Lava rocks, eh? That's okay, but if you fill your SUV with lava lamps I'll worry!

  3. Thanks, Marvin!

    And Mike, I think lava lamps would look really cool in our flowerbed!

  4. Love the lava rocks. We have them too. They're sharp little boogers, though. Don't try walking on them barefoot.

  5. Now that's a good one. I'm having a stellar month myself. Backed into a parked car ($500+) and shattered a window (it was door sized) in my home ($300). Oh and broke the chair I sit in at my desk...still pricing that one.


    Your story is much more amuzing. :)

  6. Allyn, you don't strike me as a woman big enough to break your chair! LOL

    And Helen, we have lava rocks because the wood chips attract termites - and cockroaches! YUCK

  7. Happy Anniversary Diane!

  8. Har! That is a good one. But it's the life of a gardner. It only becomes part of a writer's life when you decide to write about it--and well, too!