Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Media Has Control

*Guest Blogger Today

"In the past, the media reported the news. Today, the media chooses what news it wants to report and promote.
"If you don't believe that, just look at the recent media hype surrounding Paris Hilton and Beckham.
"Beckham is an important figure in world soccer, however ... here in America, 99% don't really care!
"He has been mentioned every day on sports shows such as PTI, Around The Horn and Sportscenter, and even those announcers have questioned all the hype. For some odd reason, the media is trying to force Beckham down the American public's throat as the greatest athlete ever. We're not buying it, though! Football is our #1 sport, followed by basketball, then Nascar and baseball, then hockey and golf ... soccer is WAY down on the list. So why all of the hub-bub?
"I think once the media stops clamouring around Beckham, he's gonna wonder what happened!"

- Sarah Gardner, wife of Broncos receiver, Matt Gardner


  1. Not sure about this Beckham dude, I gather he's a big-cheese soccer guy, but I don't follow the game. Oh well, I guess all the hype helps pro soccer here in the states, so that's good for the league and it's fans. Truthfully though, I see all the hype as being as much (or more) about Hollywood-style glamor as sports since he's that rich, famous hunky type we all adore so ... plus he's married to the former Posh Spice. Actually, I've seen more “coverage” of her than of Hubby. Heck, let's face it ... people just need someone to ogle and gossip about now that Paris is sprung.

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2007

    "Mr. Tatoo is NOT hunky!
    "Posh's reality TV show got lower ratings and totally panned by critics.
    One critic nailed it - said that to the Brits, they're Posh & Beck, to Americans, they're 'Who?'"
    - Sarah