Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy music

I don't know about the rest of the world, but music uplifts and inspires me!

That is why I have a series of home-made CD's called "Believe". (I, II, & III, of course)

I also have an eleven disc set called "Favorites". (Yeah, I like a lot of music!)

The "Believe" series is all uplifting music with positive lyrics. Some of it is on there for its high energy. All of it has to do with encouragement, fighting back and not giving up. Songs like ELO's 'Hold On Tight', Triumph's 'Fight The Good Fight', POD's 'Alive', Fuel's 'Won't Back Down', etc.

The "Favorites" are full of songs that simply have touched my heart. How much I like a song depends on how much it makes me feel - whether that be angry, sad, excited, whatever. And my 'Favorites' is a really big assortment - everything from Pink Floyd to Jean-Michel Jarre to Orgy to the Outfield to Enya!

The first song on disc #1 of both series has been my favorite for 24 years. That probably won't ever change, either. It's fast paced with a great message - a wake up call if you like.

And I'd like to end with some of the lyrics.

Stand up on your feet
Life is short as hell
You could be dead tomorrow
Today could be your last chance
To believe in yourself
Your last chance
Tto yell
Your last chance
To be good to yourself
Your last chance
To drink from life's well
- "Last Chance" by Shooting Star

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