Sunday, April 10, 2005

Comes down to self-image

I read an article recently regarding attractive people and their higher than average incomes.

Through studies, they showed that an attractive person makes 5% more than average while ugly people make 7% less than average. (They based this on attractiveness, weight and height.) One of two possibilities for this discrepancy focused on bias & discrimination - and how they could eliminate this among employees. The other possibility seemed far more viable, though.

Attractive people tend to have better self-images.

This, in turn, leads to more confidence when dealing with others and better people skills.

And while this does not always hold true, as there are many good looking people with low self images, I believe it contributes far more than most people realize.

As a person of average looks, I was plagued with being short. Really short. And while a thousand other things were also responsible for my low self-image as a kid, being shorter than everyone else really didn't help. So I can understand why someone of below average looks or who is overweight might struggle with confidence.

Everyone should always try to look their best, especially if weight is the problem, because then we're talking health and living longer. But the truth is, God sees everyone as a wonderful, perfect creature - and we all need to learn to see that in ourselves.

That would do far more to close that wage gap than a thousand discrimination lawsuits!

God's portrait of you reveals that He sees you as lovable, valued and competent.
- Josh McDowell

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