Monday, March 21, 2016

Are You Book Tour Intolerant?

There is an interview with Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C. at the Parallels site today!

Please welcome author Roland Yeomans!


When you see another book tour gobble up all your favorite blogs, do you suddenly feel a wave of nausea, a blog-bloated feeling, and cramps in your brain?

Then, my friend, you are Book Tour Intolerant!

Have no fear, I, Roland Yeomans, am here to lay your discomfort to rest.

This is yet another installment of my legendary “Don’t You Hate Book Tours?” Book Tour.

Remember how the massive community machines pushed books like Kiersten White’s PARANORMALCY, Elana Johnson’s POSSESSION, Beth Revis’ ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, and Lisa & Laura Roecker’s LIAR SOCIETY out into the world?

What with the tsunami of books overwhelming the internet because of Indie Publishing, those days belong to the dinosaurs. And like the dinosaurs, they ain’t coming back.

But the magic is still out there. You just have to set sail in a new ocean to reach your dream.

WE are still out here, rooting for one another. We just have to be approached in a manner that entices us not pushes us away.

You have to be amusing, engaging, writing posts that writers want to read. Make each one different, yet always fun and light-hearted. Each person you meet is fighting a battle no one knows about. And you don’t want to further burden their shoulders, do you?

Joss Whedon wrote:
"You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, and then you find out who they really are.”

That is what my The Not-So-Innocents Abroad does -- that is what our own journey of becoming better writers does as well. Do we know ourselves well enough to write convincingly of others? Does each of our characters have a reason to live, a perspective that justifies their actions to themselves, to say the words we put in their mouths?

Everybody has a perspective. Everybody in each of your scenes, including the assassins flanking your hero, has a reason. They have their own voice, their own identity, their own history.

If anyone speaks in such a way that they’re just setting up the next person’s lines, then you don’t have dialogue: you have soundbites.

In our novels, we must have something to say. That gives us something interesting to say of them in our various posts along the blog-verse.

My own The Not-So-Innocents Abroad talks about the hidden agendas in the world circa 1867: the war crimes of the Civil War, the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans by successive U.S. presidents, and the lies told to the endangered public by every political official involved.

It ties in to the hidden agendas of the political scene of today … but since Mark Twain is a main character, you are assured it is all done with plenty of laughter.

Since this is Steampunk, I add the spice of aliens among us, global vampire wars, and the first Air-Steamship, the Xanadu. Also I add the mystery of love between two lonely souls: one no longer human and the other an alien Empress used to having her way. No chance of sparks there, right?

What I think of as the Xanadu Theme for The Not-So-Innocents Abroad:

Then, there is the WHERE’S THE BEEF portion of novel writing:

If in writing your novel, you don’t know where you are going, then odds are you won’t get there!

Where are the jokes? The thrills? The romance? Who knows what, and when? You need these things to happen at the right times, and that’s what you build your structure around:

The way you want your reader to feel. The growing or dying of the core romance. Charts, graphs, colored pens, anything that means you don’t go in blind is useful.

The LOOK INSIDE FEATURE to my book is now live, go to its Amazon Page and use it. Take advantage of the SURPRISE ME link at the bottom of the offered pages to read even more pages further on in my book!

Give it a chance for the adventure of a lifetime.

And coming May 31, 2016 from Stay Classy Publications, and anthology that features Roland, myself, and dozens of other authors - The Thing That Turned Me.


  1. Blog tours are important. You just have to be sure not to speak to the same people all the time. I definitely remember all the massive blog tours of the authors you mention.

  2. I hope folks haven't given up on them completely, I just started one! LOL

    Roland has really made an impact! Congratulations!

  3. I think book tours still work. Just have to come up with a fresh spin. Like this!

  4. a fresh thought can touch the heart anytime

    have a wonderful week ahead

  5. Too much of a good thing jades us all. I confess, I am reluctant to read book tours. Some go to the effort of having variety with different blogs which I read. It is good to get out there. I have bought a few books I would not normally have except for reading about the book on a blog.

    Then I stop getting books. I have to read some of what I have. With blog tours, you are preaching to the choir. You can get many amens but less converts.

  6. Kudos, you've found a fresh approach to touring.
    Wishing you much success.

  7. But you know've been gobbling up my favorite blogs lately. ;) And I'm glad that you have. I'll be doing a book tour in May. Like a few have mentioned, I make sure every post is unique.

  8. Hi Diane and Roland - blog tours can be boring .. but with some spiced up differences - that makes them more amusing and engaging ... as here. Entertaining us at each stop ... cheers Hilary

  9. Great insights on blog tours. I agree with Hilary that they can be boring, but when done right they can also be very interesting. Thanks so much for promoting the anthology, too! Greatly appreciated and so happy to have you both on board for it :-)

  10. Blog tours are great and get word out. The thing is trying other methods for those not interested in blog tours. Like pinterest boards, twitter q and a and instagram contests.

  11. I've enjoyed Roland's approach to a book tour or anti-tour. I haven't done a tour in a long while.

  12. Natalie:
    It almost seems like another time when those blog tours sailed the internet, doesn't it? :-)

    I hope I have made an impact -- but not like a pie in the face! Best of fortune with your blog tour! If you'd like to be interviewed at Meilori's, let me know.

    Thanks, Alex. I hope I have made folks smile along the way, and learned something useful besides the fact that I want to sell my book! :-)

    May your own week ahead hold only happy surprises!

    You echo my own sentiments: book tours are singing to the choir. We, as authors, need to find some way to break out of the ghetto of author-blogs to the wider world of the world wide web. But how, right?

    Thanks, Sandra. Now, to translate this new approach into new sales! :-)

    Let me know when your tour starts. How would you like to be interviewed at Meilori's?

    It means so much to me that you have felt entertained at each stop. I have tried so hard to bring laughter and fun with me at each port of call for the Xanadu. :-)

    randi lee:
    Wasn't it great that Diane spotlighted your anthology for which you have worked so hard? I am proud to be in the company of such good authors. :-)

    I have tried very hard to give something of value and help to my fellow authors as I've traveled from blog to blog.

    Exactly. I have just finished a FREE Amazon Giveaway where I gave away 5 copies of The Not-So-Innocents Abroad to those who frequent the Amazon Giveaway Boards -- it was my way to break out of the tight, small band of authors I knew to a much wider audience out there. We'll see if that gamble pays off. :-)

    This is my SECOND tour after 33 books! The first was for THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. And the blog world has changed so much since then!

    You have been so gracious and lovely in this. Thank you so much!!

  13. I'm pretty tolerant of book tours, but maybe that's because I know how important they are to authors in this publishing world we've created. I don't mind seeing repeated posts on my favorite blogs, and I support any author who wants to jump onto mine. It's kind of fun, really, because then I get to know more about them.

    Here's to Roland's success!

  14. Well done Roland, this is a smart and fresh approach to book tours.
    You've done a good job.
    Wishing you everything of the best...and lots of book sales!

  15. Lee:
    You were such a gracious hostess. And 107 comments! Wow! I almost feel popular. :-) Thanks for visiting here and commenting. I am happy to have you as a friend.

    That means a lot coming from you. :-) Lots of book sales would be nice! Have a great new week.

  16. I like how you're keeping blog touring inventive! And good advice on realizing each of our characters brings his own perspectives to the table.

  17. Elizabeth:
    Thanks. That means a lot coming from you. :-) And each character believes she or he is the star of the movie! I am looking forward to my stop at your blog next Monday.

  18. Roland, congratulations on your new release! And the theme of this post made me smile. I surely do remember those old days of bloggers launching other peoples' bestsellers, and maybe we all got too much of it to tolerate any kind of book tour these days. But I still enjoy learning about new books, and I'll participate now and then in a tour myself. Good luck with your new book!

  19. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I think book tours are still important and can reach a lot of potential readers.

  20. Karen:
    Those days, though not so long ago, seem so far away, don't they? Give my book a chance will you and visit its book page. :-)

    You were such a gracious lady to have me on your blog today. May your visitor count soar!

  21. I love this book tour Roland! You've definitely come up with some great thoughtful posts for it! The Not-So-Innocents Abroad sounds great!

  22. Kathryn:
    You made my weary evening with those words. :-) I tried to make The Not So Innocents a book to read and then re-read. I hope I succeeded. Have a great new week!

  23. Oh, gosh. I've been fighting #bookbigotry a long time and now there's #booktourintolerance. Sighhh! Do I have the time! Perhaps some other miracle method of reaching lots of readers will crop up and I won't have to think about it! (-:

  24. Hi, L. Diane, Hi, ROLAND,

    So nice to see you here! Wonderful spin. I know whenever anyone asked for a plug one their tour from me, I ALWAYS create a unique intro for the books to make it interesting and fun... isn't that what blog tours are all about?

    ALL the best, Roland!

  25. For blog tours, I either like short snapshots or if they're longer posts, then they have to be unique. I'm enjoying seeing Roland around.

  26. Carolyn:
    Maybe we could run for President? I think we both could do better than those running, don't you? We could even sell our memoirs then!!

    Unique is the thing that will keep the readers' attention all right! :-)

  27. Medeia:
    I'm glad you're enjoying my Anti-Tour :-) I try to be entertaining and educational, too! This has been quite the challenge for me!

  28. For now, we don't have anything better than blog tours, but we can live in hopes that someone will come up with a new idea. For now, as you say Roland, you have to be engaging.

    I will have a Look Inside!

    Hi L Diane. Thank you for hosting Roland.

    Denise :-)

  29. Even though I'm a pantser, going in blind every time and reveling in it, I still love you Roland!

    Thanks for continuing the anti-blog tour, Diane!

  30. I'm pro-anti-blog tour, especially with Roland at the helm. Thank you, Diane and Roland.

  31. I love doing Blog Tours. Sure, they're a lot of work. Just have to plan way ahead and start writing those posts. I use blog tour posts months or years after the fact on FB and Twitter when I run other promotions or by themselves. In fact I'm gearing up to do this again next week.

  32. Nice to see Roland here. Wishing him well with the book! I don't mind book tours. They can be such an important part of getting the word out.

  33. Congratulations on your new book Roland! Yes, there are so many books being published by Indie authors and I want to be encouraging, however know I cannot get to them all. I can't promise I will read all the books that are promoted but this reader still likes the blog tours as that is what generally introduces to me new authors.

  34. Nicely done and congrats on the new book. Blog tours are still functional, though they will require thought, change, and all the things you've mentioned.

  35. It never occurred to me that anyone would be intolerant of a book tour. We are a team helping each other every step of the way. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  36. A wonderful way with words! Granted, with book tours we are mostly singing to the choir, but I think they help, even if just a little bit.

  37. Kudos to you for re-inventing the blog tour! They can be a little boring sometimes, but with a fresh approach, they can be fun.

  38. Denise:
    You're right: we must work the best we can with what tools we now have. :-) Thank you for having a look inside my new book.

    Dean Koontz does as you do -- and look at his bestsellers!

    I'm glad I have you at my back, friend. :-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Only pleasant surprises today for you. :-) Best of luck with your new book blog tour.

    So many bloggers these days see a book tour guest post on a favorite blog and stay away these days. Glad you're not one of them!

    Try the LOOK INSIDE feature of my new book, why don't you? It's free. :-)

    Thanks for the nice words. Cross your fingers for me, will you??

    Just making a play on words from Lactose Intolerant -- but so many bloggers I talk to are weary of the blog book tour concept. :-(

    I hope so, but so far I have only snagged THREE sales. :-(

    Thanks for the compliment. :-) Hope my tour is fun for all who read my posts. Now, for more sales! LOL.

  39. Loved your post, Roland. And I get overwhelmed with all the book tours.

  40. Shelly:
    So do many others. In all the bedlam of competing book tours, each one becomes diminished by the flurry of cover reveals, author interviews that all sound the same, and the same synopsis over and over.

    Thanks for liking my post. I tried to be light-hearted but still educational. :-)

  41. Roland, kindred spirit. It's great too see you doing well, with your art form. Over these last 18 years, You've worked harder than any person I have known, towards your art form; to capture the essence of the cosmic medium, in form, and on paper. All this, while driving through darker than black, nights of steam filled foggy bayou roads, to deliver life to patients in need of blood. Your fingers have walked thousands of miles since then. I wish you the best this world has to offer. I thank you for leaving your 'blood on the tracks', for sharing the most essential part of your self, for others to enjoy. Kudos, always. May blessings abound, with book sales, and may you live a long prosperous life. Gassho, My Friend.

  42. Robert:
    I was gifted with a special friend when you entered my book store. :-) I miss our long talks. Life has been hard to you for so long. I pray for you and yours each day.

    You are very kind with your words -- now, if I only deserved them! Others have suffered so much more than I have.

    May life take an upturn for you to a place of peace and health, my friend.

  43. I can always rely on an interesting read at your blog Diane and this was no exception,

  44. Thanks, Nashvillecat2. I'm glad you enjoyed my post :-)

  45. congrats to Roland, and i love his approach to blog tours! but i think we definitely need them - we just need to be more creative, like Ro Ro! (ha ha)

  46. Tara:
    Thanks so much for liking my "Non-Book Tour" Book Tour! It's good to have you as a friend. :-)

  47. I think you are on to something. The traditional book tour can feel tedious. If you want bloggers to get excited, there has to be more than a cover/blurb/author bio spread across the internet. Not sure what that is, but it looks like you are succeeding. The idea of 1867 politics grabs me because I wrote a novel set right before the Civil War and spend much time researching the events that lead up to that.

  48. Tamara:
    We want to believe the traditional book tour still works, for we have little else to promote our books. Yet, like you, I hear rumblings that they are getting too numerous, too boring.

    Part of the fun of McCord's life is that it stretches over so many fascinating time periods. He has the perspective and the power to stand apart and see the tragedies ... and sometimes even do something about them.

    Go to my book's Amazon page and use the LOOK INSIDE feature to see 1864 from his unique perspective. Thanks for commenting. It means a lot.

  49. I do find myself skimming book tour posts from time to time. :)

    I was just talking about theme with my buddy the other day. It came up because of Jeff Goins who said, "You have a message and you want it to be heard." And I was all, well, no I have a story and I want people to be entertained. My buddy went on to say Larry Brooks insists we need a theme. That goes along the lines of your "In our novels, we must have something to say." After a long discussion of back and forth, I guess my theme is, "Power is dangerous. Use it with care." Either that or, "You cause your own problems." :)

    Good post. Very thought provoking.

  50. Loni:
    In creating the banner for my author's table, I mused if there was a common theme that crossed over through all my books. It hit me finally that there was: "In a world full of darkness, you must become the light you need."

    Even when authors believe there is no theme to their book, there is -- if only an unconscious one as Freud would say: we can't help but reflect our worldview in our books.

    Thank you for such a thought-provoking comment. I am glad you enjoyed my post. :-) Give my book a look at least the LOOK INSIDE FEATURE on its Amazon page. :-)

  51. I don't think I'm book blog tour intolerant, but whenever I see a book tour, I feel a little jealous that I don't have a book out myself yet.

  52. Book tours are tough. I don't even have a book out yet, but I'm constantly trying to think of creative ways to bring one out when I have one. Continued good luck!

  53. Just stopped by to say hey and have a relaxing evening.

  54. Chemist Ken:
    Then, it is time to start writing! :-)

    I have confidence that when the time comes you will have a unique and fun book tour. :-)

    As a rare blood courier, I have few relaxed evenings but this looks to be one of them: you brought me luck! :-)

  55. You have a great point, I see the blog roll fill up with the same title and it's like, "Ah! The same book over and over!" But you made a lot of great points on doing something different to grab the readers attention. Give me humor and jokes. That'll get me!

  56. Elsie:
    Yes, laughter with new material and images is the way to go I think. And if I am wrong -- I shouldn't be! :-) Thanks for liking my post.

  57. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to reach readers, not writers. Because most writers can't afford books. Best of success, Roland.

  58. Joylene:
    You and I agree: we have to find some way to break out of the ghetto of author blogs into the wider world of the internet. I could be photographed next to Kim Kardashian -- but there are some prices too high to pay! :-)

    Best of luck with your search and sales. Roland

  59. I totally agree with you! Posts that are light and fun make me smile and want more. I remember those massive book tours too.

  60. I'd say your book about covers anything and everything a reader wants! What an amazing creative brain you have, Roland. I especially like this line-"If anyone speaks in such a way that they’re just setting up the next person’s lines, then you don’t have dialogue: you have soundbites." I like to keep my book blog tour posts different too. It bores me to write the same old stuff. I believe the tours are one of the ways to garner buzz about books. All the best!

  61. I think they still work, but maybe need to not be called blog tours anymore. :)

  62. Book tours can be insufferable but this one looks fun. :)

  63. Only Roland has the brilliance to write intriguing books that include Mark Twain and global vampire wars.
    Go, Roland!
    Thanks, Diane and Author Yoemans. You're both pretty darn awesome.

  64. Love the title and content of this tour!
    I'm not adverse to reading blog content with book tours, I'm just terrified of writing and planning book tours . . . so, I've devised a "guest" spot series at my blog for writers, and I hope that I can guest at other blogs, randomly, but not all in a row.

  65. Roland is amazing! Congrats, to Roland and you-Diane, and your hubby~

  66. Vanessa:
    Happy Easter Morning to you, too

    It seems a different world now from that time of those massive book tours.

    J Q:
    What a nice thing to say. Yes, different and breezy works for me when I read other posts.

    We need to be creative about a new name!

    I tried to be fun for the sake of my friends like you. :-)

    You're pretty darn awesome, too. The ghost of Mark Twain tips his bowler hat to you!

    You're always welcome at my blog to talk about your books. :-)

  67. I don't mind blog tours that feature new releases or interesting guest posts, but I'm happy that the "cover reveal" is rarely done anymore. A cover reveal without the chance to buy the book or learn anything interesting from the author is just fluff. I love the Joss Whedon quote, and he's absolutely right! Wishing Roland much success with his new novel! :)

  68. Have a great weekend, Diane:)

  69. Yup, there are a lot of books out there clamouring for attention.The Not-so-Innocents sounds like an interesting mix.

  70. Blog tours are fine if they don't take up too much of an individual blog. If that's all a blog is, though... Definitely a problem then. Have a great weekend.

  71. Sounds like another great story Roland! :)

  72. Just stopped in to say hey:)

  73. Lexa:
    Many blog tours just seem to rinse and repeat all too often. I wanted to be different. :-)

    I hope Diane's and your weekend was great, too.

    Yep, there is an inferno of books blazing out there in cyberland. Thanks for thinking my book sounds interesting. :-)

  74. Thanks for the advice on tours. I've been considering one. This should help.

  75. Ella:
    How did I miss your comment. Sigh. I drive too much as a rare blood courier!

    Joss Whedon is a genius. Now if only a little of that would rub off on me!

    Thanks for thinking my book sounds interesting! :-)

  76. Congratulations Roland! Sounds awesome story and what a new spin on book tour title!

  77. Can't say I've ever felt nauseous over seeing someone else's hardwork be display for all to see. If anything, it inspires me to give it a look.

    Speaking of which, might have to give Not-So-Innocents a look when I have a few bucks.

  78. Beverly:
    Best of luck with your tour. Let me know if I guest you. :-)

  79. Thanks for leading me to this post, Roland (hi, Diane!). I have to admit - I was getting Blog Tour intolerant for a while, but I've noticed authors making an effort to make each tour post unique and worth reading...which I know creates a lot of work for them, so I think I'd better not tackle one of my own until I'm in a position to put in the time and effort readers and hosts deserve.