Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Realms Faire is On! Let the Unicorn Hunt Continue

The Realms Faire has begun! Dozens of games with a ton of prizes. Visit the Realms Faire page at M. Pax’s site for a full list. Join the fun this week!

I am hosting the Unicorn Hunt this week.

You are charged with tracking down the unicorns.

Every day, a new blogger will host a photo. You will have to find the unicorns in the image, much like the famous “Where’s Waldo?” Leave a comment stating how many unicorns you find in that image. The most correct guesses wins.

Grand prize:
Ebooks -
Hot Pink in the City by Medeia Sharif
30 Seconds by Chrys Fey
One Good Catch by Heather Gardner
A Lizard’s Tail by Bish Denham
The Circle of Friends Series by L. Diane Wolfe
And -
$20.00 Amazon or ITunes gift card

Five images - many unicorns - only one winner!

Start tracking the unicorns at today’s host blog - Jo Henderson

And each day I will leave you with a new image:

Many of my images are for sale as stock photos at my site, Spunk On A Stick.
I’ve also just opened a Zazzle Store and you can purchase several items boasting my images.


  1. Darn, the unicorns aren't up yet!

  2. I have carrots. Do unicorns like to eat carrots?

  3. Love your photographs!
    Going to Zazzle to check it out too!

  4. Will hunt later on Diane, have fun.

  5. Christine, I think they'd like carrots.

    Thank you, Yolanda.

  6. I'd love to see a unicorn.... for real.. gosh that would be amazing...

    Sorry, was just thinking out loud!!

    What a fun Faire:) I'll head over now to see what Jo's up to...

    Best wishes with the pictures, Diane:) If I ever need one, now I know a place to come visit!

  7. Nice shot with the brilliant lady bug among all the grand ferns.

  8. Beautiful lady bug image!
    And huzzah for the Faire!

  9. Oooh that's fun!!! I can't wait for the day off tomorrow so I can go around playing all these awesome Realms Faire games!!! Unicorns, here I come!!

    S.K. Anthony: Romance v Horror: The Trailer

  10. Ooo, what a neat picture! Good luck to selling some of your images!

  11. Thought you, at least, knew my last name Diane. It's Jo Wake.

  12. What type of food unicorn eat? My unicorn doesn't eat natural food. Thank you.

  13. I love all that green and that little spot of a ladybug. It was great hosting you.