Monday, October 13, 2014

White Lady Giveaway, Vitamins and Death, and Recent Photos


To celebrate the release of Jessica Bell’s latest novel, WHITE LADY, she is giving away an e-copy (mobi, ePub, or PDF) to the first person to correctly guess the one true statement in the three statements below. To clarify, two statements are lies, and one is true:

Even though Jessica Bell’s passion is her writing, she ...
a. dabbles in French patisserie
b. she has a secret desire to be a famous rock star
c. is also really passionate about her day job

What do you think? Which one is true? Write your guess in the comments, along with your email address. Comments will close in 48 hours. If no-one guesses correctly within in 48 hours, comments will stay open until someone does.

Want more chances to win? You have until October 31 to visit all the blogs where Jessica will share a different set of true and false statements on each one. Remember, each blog is open to comments for 48 hours only from the time of posting.

If you win, you will be notified by email with instructions on how to download the book.

Click HERE to see the list of blogs.

*This novel contains coarse language, violence, and sexual themes.

​Sonia yearns for sharp objects and blood. But now that she’s rehabilitating herself as a “normal” mother and mathematics teacher, it’s time to stop dreaming about slicing people’s throats.

While being the wife of Melbourne’s leading drug lord and simultaneously dating his best mate is not ideal, she’s determined to make it work.

It does work. Until Mia, her lover’s daughter, starts exchanging saliva with her son, Mick. They plan to commit a crime behind Sonia’s back. It isn’t long before she finds out and gets involved to protect them.

But is protecting the kids really Sonia’s motive?

Click HERE to view the book trailer.
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Jessica Bell, a thirty-something Australian-native contemporary fiction author, poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist, is the Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal and the director of the Homeric Writers’ Retreat & Workshop on the Greek island of Ithaca. She makes a living as a writer/editor for English Language Teaching Publishers worldwide, such as Pearson Education, HarperCollins, MacMillan Education, Education First and Cengage Learning.

Connect with Jessica online:


YA Contemporary, Prizm Books
Release Date December 10, 2014

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I also wanted to share with you some photos from our county fair:


  1. I think the truth is: Jessica is passionate about her day job.

    Great cover, Medeia!

    I love country fairs. Did you eat any deep fried Twinkies or Ding Dongs? I've never tried them, as I'm pretty sure I'd get sick.

  2. Agree with Jay - I think it's number three.
    Cool photos!

  3. Those are great pictures of the fair. I don't believe Jessica wants to be a rock star. Lots of great books coming up this year.

  4. Congratulations, Jessica! I'm going with C. as well.

    And those are some awesome pictures, Diane! Full of color, light and movement.

  5. 2 talented authors!! I enjoy both of their works :)

    Great photos Diane!

  6. Awesome photos!
    Congrats to Medeia!
    I think Jessica's true statement is C.

  7. Diane, the pics are GORGEOUS!
    You are such a GOOD photographer!
    Congrats to Jessica & Medeia!
    I love Medeia's cover! It's so atmospheric...

  8. Congratulations to Jessica and Medeia! They are both wonderful, dedicated writers. I wish them much success!

  9. Thanks so much for having me today! :) I'll be back in a couple of days to check on comments and such. And thanks, all, for dropping by and playing. And Medeia! Congrats to you too!

  10. Jessica and The White Lady have taken over the internet. Love the cover on Medeia's book. I'd love to be on one of these rides right now.

  11. Congratulations Jessica and Medeia! Tough question; much harder than the others I've seen today. I'm going to say she's passionate about her day job. Makes me wonder what her night job is.

  12. Well, to be different I'll say B-- rock star. Don't we all have that fantasy kind of sometimes?

    Love the county fair photos. You captured the excitement nicely.

    Tossing It Out

  13. Congrats to Jessica and Medeia. And love your pictures from the fair. It looks so fun.

  14. I won't guess this time out. I've already won Jessica's book and it sits patiently in my Kindle.

    Loved the country fair images!

  15. Love the pictures Diane!

    Well Jessica grew up with rock stars so she could dream about it. She can certainly sing. :-)

    Congrats to both Jessica and Medeia!

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

  16. I'm guessing B.

    I love your photos, and thank you for including my cover reveal.

  17. Lovely photos, L.Diane. Congrats to both Jessica and Medeia.

    I say rock star as I know Jessica's parent/s are/were musicians and Jessica may well have the same ambition.

  18. Both covers are intriguing. Congrats to Jessica and Medeia. I took my first (and only) helicopter ride at a county fair in OR many years ago. Way to late to guess and win, but I'm going with (a) French Patisserie.

  19. Two women I can only admire :)

  20. I'm going to guess "A".

    Love those fair pics! You have a great eye, Diane.

  21. Thank you everyone for the nice comments about my photos.

    Dean, OR as in Oregon? Which county? I grew up in Marion County.

  22. Congratulations to Medeia and Jessica!

  23. CONGRATS to both Jessica and Medeia!

    Diane, those county fair pictures are awesome!

  24. Jessica's already a rock star, but I'm guessing #2.

    Your county fair looks like a blast. Thanks for the photos.

  25. Hi Diane - I've won too .. but I'm sure #B is the right answer ..

    Your photos are amazing though ..what fun ... cheers Hilary

  26. Congrats to Jessica! And also to Medeia! Loved your photos.

  27. I liked all the photos you shared. Sounds fun too. Congratulations to Medeia and Jessica!

  28. Love the chicken pic!

    Congrats Jessica and Medeia.

    I say the lie is #1

  29. Yay for Jessica! Her book is kicking all kinds of trash.

    I LOVE Medeia's new cover. It's epic.

    Those rides remind me of Lagoon in Utah, an amusement part I used to go to as a kid. Ah...the memories.

  30. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Congrats to Arlee Bird for being the first to guess correctly. I have your email so will send you a download link now. Cheers!

  31. Very cool! Now since I'm on a winning streak maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket.


    Tossing It Out

  32. Well, I'm too late for the contest but had to mention I love your pictures.

  33. I think Jessica is passionate about her day job. Congrats to both Jessica and Medeia!

    Wow that looks like one crazy chicken!!

  34. Jessica's book sounds creepy in a cool way. And I can't wait to read Medeia's book.

  35. Congratulations to the winner! Great photos, Diane. That's one crazy-lookin' chicken.