Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day, Spunky, and Birthday Party

Hi everyone!

Just some light fun today. It's Valentine's Day, so I'll have some images of love for you.

Spunky continues to improve! (Sorry, no current picture with the cone of shame. He needs his dignity.) We let him roam around the house with the cone off, monitoring his every step as he's not to jump or run. Yes, try telling a cat he can't jump and run - LOL! Tuesday he gets the staples out (22 staples and 2 stitches) and will no longer have to wear the cone of shame. He'll still be in the crate most of the time, but hopefully the vet says he can roam free soon.

It's been rough, and a lot of money, but we'd do it all over again to give him a fighting chance at another year or two of life.

We also had snow again this week. Snow and sleet for two days. This is the third time in a month. We never get snow in Eastern NC!

It's supposed to be around 50 degrees Friday and Saturday, which should melt all the snow. I hope so, as my husband planned a birthday party for me Saturday night (it's actually Sunday - I missed Valentine's Day by 26 hours) and I don't want to be like this sad little kitty.

I still want to find that cat and throw him a party.

Otherwise, everyone have a special weekend and enjoy some images of love. Any big plans for Valentine's Day?

Spunky, trying to be buddies with Hobbes.

Dave and Steve!

Me (many years ago!) at Wildlife Safari with a cheetah asleep in my lap.

Calvin & Hobbes, loving on each other!

Cow kiss - with tongue!

My husband got me a bouquet of kittens for Valentine's Day! Not many people can say that you know...


  1. Hope Spunky recovers as well as able. Loved all the cat photo's,
    Great cat lover.


  2. I am glad to hear that Spunky recovers.
    Have a lovely Feast of St Valentine =)

  3. Is telling a cat they can't run or jump about as successful as telling a teenager to get off the internet?

    My book arrived, thanks !! I am so excited to have won an autographed copy of your book. It's a treasure.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you're both able to venture out in the wintry mess to celebrate. :) We're starting to melt here, but still no school.

    Hope Spunky is better soon!

  5. Glad Spunky is doing better and happy birthday!

  6. I remember the cone of shame! My dog absolutely hate that thing. What a great birthday present!

  7. I love the bouquet of kittens!

    And I'm so glad to hear that Spunky's doing better.

  8. Rhonda, probably about equal. And good to hear the book arrived.

    Elizabeth, most of it melted yesterday, thank goodness!

  9. So glad Spunky is doing better. Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday,Diane. May you receive everything you desire.

  10. Glad spunky is doing better. You're bouquet is cool. So original.

    Enjoy your day!

  11. I'm so glad that Spunky's doing better. The picture of the kitty waiting for his party guess got to me but the little guy in the bow tie did me in.

  12. A bouquet of kittens... not many people can say that. Awesome!

    Good news that Spunky is recovering. Soon he will be able to run and jump and play again!

  13. Here's to Spunky. Money can be replaced; those we love can't. Happy Valentine's Day.

  14. But they're so funny in the cone of shame. They look like lamps with legs.

    Best bouquet ever! Well, maybe chocolate kittens would be better...

  15. That's one cool hubby. Glad Spunky is improving and dignity is important to a cat. Here's to snow going away this weekend and have fun Diane.

  16. Glad to hear Spunky is improving. It's hard keeping them from being as active as they want to be. Keeping positive and healthy thoughts for Spunky. Great bouquet. Happy belated Valentine's Day.

  17. Glad to hear Spunky is doing better. Loved the bouquet of kitties :)

    Have a good weekend.


  18. saw your kitten bouquet on fb, adorable! and i love your nostalgic pic, too!

    happy your kitty is improving!
    it was a lovely v day!

  19. I am so glad to hear Spunky is doing better! I love your bouquet of kittens-so adorable!
    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fabulous day...dare I say purrr-fect! ;D

  20. What a relief that Spunky is feeling better. Your love of your cat resonates in the posting, Diane.

    A bouquet of kittens. Look away now, Penny :)

    Gary :)

  21. Glad Spunky is doing well. I too love the cat pictures.

    Belated Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one.

  22. That cheetah photo is too cool -- and the bouquet is a close second.

  23. Cute bouquet of kittens! What a thoughtful hubby! Glad to hear your cat is doing better!

  24. Happy birthday. I love the bouquet.

    I can't imagine preventing my cats from running and jumping. They love it so much. I'm glad Spunky is better.

  25. That bouquet is priceless!

    Glad to hear Spunky is doing better.

  26. I have never seen a bouquet of kittens! Very unique. Hope Spunky is doing better. Poor kitty. Hope the weather is better down there- crazy all the snow down South this year! Have a happy Friday. :)