Friday, June 21, 2013

Publishing Industry News and the Tesla Car

Google and Amazon ask that their revenue shares with publishers be shielded as the lawsuit with Apple nears its conclusion. Read full article at Paid Content.

The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, announced that Poetry is now available through a digital subscription. Get details at Publishing Executive.

Quirk Books is "Looking for Love" with $10,000 unpublished love story fiction contest. Get the scoop at Book Business.

The Jim Henson Company Partners With Penguin Young Readers Group To Launch "The Dark Crystal" Author Quest. Visit Book Business for details. (I loved The Dark Crystal!)

And this is for Stephen Tremp:

We were up in Raleigh recently and came across a genuine Tesla! The woman said she loved it. You should’ve seen the display panel on the inside. And under the hood is all trunk space. (Battery in the back.) Very neat car, but not practical when you hit Eastern Carolina, as we have NO charging stations.


  1. As always, thanks for the great info. I hadn't heard about the Tesla car. With a name like that, it should be a car that transports you through time. Have a great weekend.

  2. That's a rare sight. Those cars aren't cheap.

  3. Thanks for the round-up. Have a great weekend. Haven't come across that car before.

  4. Thanks Diane for all the contest and publishing scoop.

  5. That's an awesome looking car. And I love the Dark Crystal too!! It brings me so many memories. :)

  6. Thanks for all the news, Diane. The Dark Crystal - is that MG? I'm always looking for good MG to read (because I really want to write it!).

    Nice little car :)

  7. Cute car! And thanks for the news updates :)

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Nice looking car. Not surprised about the charging stations. I wonder if the cost of power is similar to cost of gas.

    Got some good sites and news to look at. Contests and Dark Crystal? Really. Hmm Interesting.


  9. Wow, the Dark Crystal... A great movie and memory.

    Cool car.... Perhaps in another decade Eastern NC will have batterie stations L. Diane. LOL. Times move slowly when it comes to advance such as this one.

    Have a lovely weekend...

  10. Oh man, I wanna Tesla so bad! I've been fantasizing about it since I saw a show about Tesla cars and how simple and efficient they are. And all that storage space because there's no junk under the hood!


  11. Sweet Tesla!

    Thanks for all the links - the one about The Dark Crystal sounds really cool!

  12. Ooo, a Tesla!

    And I loved the Dark Crystal, too. I still say, Mmm, Gelfling. lol

  13. I remember watching The Dark Crystal. Is Stephen car shopping?

  14. Leigh, it should!

    Al, I've watched it so many times.

    Gwen, it was a movie from Jim Henson - 1982 I think.

    Sia, the lady said the charging stations in Raleigh were free.

    Michael, like five decades from now!

    Jai, and the trunk was very large.

    Mary - LOL!

    Susan, Stephen had a post about the guy who makes the Tesla cars.

  15. Love the Tesla - we haven't got even one charging station that I know of! They're not made for Northern Ontario winters :)

  16. I wrote about the Tesla recently, the company intends to install lots of charging stations in the near future.

    Nice to see them out and about though, even if they do cost a fortune.

  17. Thanks Diane!!! Tesla has their headquarters here in Orange County where I live and we see them from time to time. Really cool cars.

    Elon Musk has a vision of battery changing stations where people driving his cars can stop at one od the charging stations and swap an empty battery for a fully charged one for about $50.00 and be off and running. Less than a tank of gas.

    Does this guy have vision or what?

  18. I think I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't seen "The Dark Crystal"

    Thanks for the links and that Tesla does look cool, I'll admit...for a hippie car :)

  19. Interesting car for sure!

    Thanks for the update on the industry news.

  20. Niiice car! And Mark, go see Dark Crystal. (:

  21. Thanks for updates and the photo of the beautiful red car. Guess eastern NC had better get busy!

    Mary Montague Sikes

  22. I've never heard of a Tesla car, but yes, that could be a major problem if you needed a charge in a no-charge zone!

  23. AnonymousJune 23, 2013

    Informative links, as ever -- gracias! Seen a Tesla or two in La Jolla (go figure), and the new improvements at the SD airport now include charging stations. Next: flying cars, perchance?

  24. California has charging stations for eco-safe cars at some weird places.

    Love this car!


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