Friday, March 29, 2013

The A to Z Challenge Begins Monday!

The A to Z Challenge kicks off Monday!

All of my posts are scheduled and ready. I’m a co-host this year and wanted to be prepared. My schedule is light otherwise, with only one speaking engagement. I’ll probably be late visiting anyone that day since it’s a morning seminar.

Just a reminder, the A to Z Challenge is blogging the letters of the alphabet six days a week in the month of April. It’s a great way to meet new bloggers.

Start with A on April 1st, Then B on April 2nd...

We post Monday thru Saturday. Sundays are a no-blog/letter day.

You can go freestyle or pick a theme, but the topic of your post must reflect the letter of the day.

Visit 5 blogs a day (or more) starting with the blog after yours on the list.

Short posts are essential! And no word verification

If you’re participating, be sure to grab the badge above and link to the A to Z Blog.
The hosts of the A to Z Challenge are:

Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out
Damyanti Biswas at Amlokiblogs
Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh
Tina Downey at Life is Good
DL Hammons at Cruising Altitude 2.0
Jeremy Hawkins at Retro-Zombie
Shannon Lawrence at The Warrior Muse
Matthew MacNish at The QQQE
Konstanz Silverbow at No Thought 2 Small
Stephen Tremp at Breakthrough Blogs
Livia Peterson at Leave it to Livia
L. Diane Wolfe at Spunk on a Stick
Nicole at The Madlab Post

My wonderful team of helpers, Spunky’s Soldiers, are:

Laura Marcella
Sia McKye
Golden Eagle
Clarissa Draper
Jo Wake
Tyrean Martinson
Gwen Gardner

For more information on the A to Z Challenge, visit the blog.
If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time! Don’t miss out on the fun.


  1. I'll be spectating this year.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Wonderful tips for a trouble free challenge. Have fun.


  3. I'm ready with my extremely short posts!

  4. Man, I wish I had time this year! Have a blast!

  5. Sorry I will miss out on the fun this year, but I'll be visiting you guys for sure

  6. Laura, mine are really short, too! Maybe 100-200 words.

    Karen, I'm sorry you're not joining us.

  7. I'm always amazed by everyone's entries! Looking forward to reading the posts.

  8. Hi Diane .. I'm looking forward to it - better do a few more posts .. must have done about half ..

    It's always fun and frantic and the co-hosts do a wonderful job .. and this year there's the minions all ..

    Cheers Hilary

  9. Woohoo, can't wait for Mondaaaaay!!!

  10. I'm ready and rearing to go. Bring it on.

  11. I'm not ready yet but busting myself to make it alive through the whole party. :)

  12. Have a great April. I'm not taking part, but I'll be visiting to see how you're getting on.

  13. Hooray for the return of the A-Z Challenge! Though I won't be participating, I look forward to reading through the posts!

  14. Wow! It should be spectacular this year. I like all the post challenge posts too.

  15. waiting for April 1st!

  16. Y'know? I totally missed that whole bit about 6 days a week, lol! I was just thinking last night about how we have more days than letters of the alphabet for April. *shakes my head. I'm glad I read this post today.

    I'm glad word verification is addressed--I hate them, most of the time hard to read, too.

    I got my assignment, Mistress Spunky. This minion is ready to go.

  17. Can't wait. I'm trying to finish some things up this weekend so I have lots of time for blogging in April.

  18. Wow. You're all scheduled up? Good job!

  19. I'm excited but worried about keeping up. Gonna be a lotta blogging going on.

  20. I'm all ready :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. I'm ready, except for a few touch ups:)

  22. I'm almost ready! Can't wait. (:

  23. Looking forward to getting to Monday! Thank you for your work with the A to Z team. It is boggling to think how you all pull it together!

  24. Good luck. I'll visit as many and as often as I can.

  25. Hi Diane,

    Wishing you and all those participating, much fun and fulfilment. May the true spirit of a sharing, caring blogging community be realised.

    I look forward to your postings and all the others I can manage to visit.

    You may know, as many of the other hosts know, my satirical alternatives actually promote the A to Z.

    Be well and enjoy the Easter weekend.


  26. I'm ready... well, as ready as can be...
    Bring it on!

  27. Diane, that is great that you have all your posts ready. Will make things a lot easier for you. : )

  28. Hilary, I am happy we have minions this year.

    Sia, that would've been really funny. Thank you for helping me next month.

    Thank you for promoting us, Gary.

  29. I love the title "Spunky's Soldiers"

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  30. My posts are ready and I'll just have to keep up with comments.

  31. Signed up with my posts planned out, but I haven't written a single one.

  32. On your mark...get set...


  33. I'm looking forward to reading your A-Z posts!

    All the best with the challenge!

  34. Thanks for hosting. I hope everyone follows your advice of short posts and no letter verification!

  35. Dropping in for a visit. I'm a little early as I'm in Malaysia. All the best with the challenge!

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