Friday, August 06, 2010

High Drama Blogfest!

DL Hammons of Cruising Altitude is hosting a High Drama Blogfest Giveaway!

I am posting my entry just a little early, as I am traveling at the moment.

This is an excerpt from The Circle of Friends, Book V…Heather

A crash from upstairs shattered the silence. Heather almost dropped the bottle as she spun around, her eyes wide. She had not even bothered to look for Dawn’s car in the parking lot, assuming her sister would be at work. Clearly, she was not alone in the house and Heather gripped the plastic bottle tightly in her hands. Her mind raced as she tried to process the situation. Glancing again at the empty bottle, panic suddenly gripped her as she realized Dawn might have consumed both the beer and the sleeping pills.

Heather cautiously approached the stairs and grasped the railing with her free hand. Peering upstairs, she noticed the bathroom door was closed.

“Dawn?” she called, placing a foot on the first step.

No reply met her ears, but Heather could distinctly hear sobbing. Fearfully she pounded up the stairs, her long strides carrying her rapidly to the landing. She recognized her sister’s tearful wails as they echoed within the confines of the bathroom. Dawn’s cries bordered on hysteria.

“Dawn?” cried Heather, pounding on the door. “Dawn!”

“Go away!” her sister screamed, her voice cracking from the effort.

“I’m not going anywhere!” roared Heather, the empty bottle still tight in her grasp.

She seized the handle, prepared to break down the bathroom door if necessary to gain access. To her surprise, it was not locked. Heather forcefully threw open the door and the momentum carried her into the bathroom. Once inside, she stared in horror at the figure crouched on the floor.

Cowering in the corner of the room, her back pressed against the shower door, sat a creature Heather scarcely recognized. Clad only in a t-shirt and underwear, Dawn’s thin frame trembled violently. Her arms were wrapped around her legs, her bony knees and elbows protruding unnaturally. Dawn’s face, once full and round, now appeared gaunt and stretched. Mascara streaked down her prominent cheekbones and her hair hung in tangles. Heather’s sister had always been stocky, but now, she could not weigh over a hundred pounds.

“What the hell are you doing?” cried Heather, too stunned to move.

“None of your business!” Dawn screamed, her small fist striking the floor in emphasis. “Go away!”

Clenching her own fists in anger, Heather remembered the empty bottle in her hand. She held it up for Dawn to see.

“Did you finish this bottle of sleeping pills?” she demanded.

“Yes I did!”

Heather’s eyes widened in horror. “What? Are trying to kill yourself or something?”

“So what if I am?!” screamed Dawn, gasping for air.

Angered by her response, Heather’s brows came together. Slamming the plastic bottle on the counter, she prepared to unleash her fury on Dawn.

“You idiot! Do you realize what that would do to Mom if she came home and found you dead?”

“She wouldn’t care!” Dawn retorted, her voice cracking from the force of her reply. “And neither would you!”


For more information on Book V of my series, visit the "Spunky's Books" page above or The Circle of Friends website.


Jemi Fraser said...

Love this scene Diane :)

I finished Heather - really enjoyed the book. Heather's a great character! Nicely done :)

Unknown said...

Forget your mom! Call 911 already!

What high drama indeed. I was on the edge of my seat. Good job.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, child suicide is high drama. I couldn't imagine. Never thought of it myself as I know tomorrow is a new day. But, I've had numerous friends in this position and I've been there to help.

Stephen Tremp

DL Hammons said...

A perfect illustration of high drama! This was a great scene Diane! Expertly played out and dripping with tension. I can already tell what today is going to be like....snippets of excellence that ends up leaving us craving more! A bittersweet exercise. :)

Thank you for offering us a peek and taking part in my blogfest.


As I don't write novels I didn't enter, but I enjoyed the wee snippet you let us see.
Good luck.


Francine Howarth said...


Oh my, sensitive subject and brimming with emotional tension!

Loved it.

Emily White said...

This was great! Very disturbing. *chills*

Will Burke said...

Heather's response seemed very natural; fear and frustration looking like anger! You're braver than average to take this on!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That was intense!

Sarah Ahiers said...

oooh i'm with DL - this was a great example of high drama!

Unknown said...

Fantastic scene, Diane! The pacing was perfect. I loved how expertly your brought both sisters to life here. As an older sibling, I'm often caught in that strange place between fury and unconditional love.

I'm so looking forward to reading your books!

Unknown said...

This is a gripping scene: full of emotion and drama.
Great post. I love it.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I was there. Great job of making it real and oh-so-tense! :-)

Summer Ross said...

this is a great scene the dialogue flows very freely and well with the characters. thanks for posting.

Charles Forgues said...

Hi Drama, indeed. I liked it a lot.

I will follow your blog.

The Old silly said...

Love the scene/excerpt. Of course I'm a big fan of the whole series. :)

Hey Diane, I've been trying to email you but something's wrong with the addy I have for you. Want to talk to you about my October virtual tour for my new novel. Please contact me off-blog at marvwilson2020atgmaildotcom, ok?

February Grace said...

Very difficult topic...very intense indeed.


Summer Frey said...

Aw, left us hanging!! Very nicely done.

And what's with that anonymous spam comment, huh? Guess they wanted some high drama too. :)

vic caswell said...

you painted such a vivid image of Dawn- intense!
good one!

dolorah said...

Excellent characterization and dialogue. These girls were so real.

So much passion here too; from the characters, the scene and the writer. The sense of desperation here was palpable. Made my skin tingle.


Portia said...

What an emotionally charged scene! This is some powerful writing. Well done!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Jemi, that's so good to hear!!

Thanks for hosting it, DL. I just got back into town, so need to check out the other entries.

Thanks, Nicole!

And thank you, everyone.

Denise Covey said...

You really sucked me in which is a good thing. Felt for both those gals..:)

Unknown said...

I like reading excerpts like this, makes me want to read the rest of the book!