Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's For Dinner?

Since Spunky is one the road A BUNCH this week, Marvin Wilson at The Old Silly’s Free Spirit Blog has been gracious enough to provide a guest post!

Swift Wolf has been sitting for two days and one night now, praying. Praying to the Grandfathers and the Spirit of the Deer. His tribe needs meat. He is ravenous with hunger and extremely thirsty, having fasted all this time. It's the Way of the Hunt. He must obey the laws of the Grandfathers and the Great Spirit in order for the hunt to be successful, so that his people may eat and receive good energy and blessings from the food. He sits. Still. Silent.

He hears a rustling, and suddenly the deer presents itself to him. Eye to eye in full view, a short arrow's thrust away in the clearing.
Swift Wolf stands, maintaining eye contact with the deer. Neither of them are afraid, both of them know that what is to happen now is The Way. Swift Wolf puts an arrow in his bow, pulls back the string and saying a prayer of thanks lets the arrow fly. The aim is perfect, penetrating the deer's heart and sending it to the ground in the throes of certain and swift death.

Swift Wolf runs up to the deer, still praying, pulls out his knife and slits the deer's throat to end its life and pain as fast as possible. Blood gushes forth, but the parched Swift Wolf cannot drink yet. First he must pray.

He prays for the spirit of the deer. He prays that its spirit will be received well and be blessed in the afterlife; that its rebirth will be a fortuitous one, that it will be rejoined with its friends and family who have passed on from this world before it. And he prays his thanks, his gratitude to the Grandfathers and the Spirit of the Deer for allowing this transfer of life, this exchange of energy, this gift of food for his peoples' sustenance.

Then, and only then, after finishing an hour in worshipful, respectful and gratitude-giving prayer and meditation, he drinks of the life giving blood and cuts out the deer's heart and eats.


Cameron closed the book. Great story. What amazing connectedness, such enlightenment. Native Americans. So integrated with nature the way they lived their lives, the way they only took what was needed, and always lived in harmony with the universe. So debt free with their karma. Incredible.

Cameron's wife was standing in the sitting room doorway. "Time to eat, honey, dinner's on."

“Great. I'm famished. Haven't eaten a thing since breakfast. What's for supper?"

"Your favorite … steak."

Thanks, Marvin!
Please visit Marvin's blog The Old Silly’s Free Spirit Blog for more silliness.
Marvin's oustanding works:
Owen Fiddler - Amazon
I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie) - Amazon
Between the Storm and the Rainbow - Amazon
And of course, his awesome book trailer for Owen Fiddler!

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Cactus Annie said...

I'm a big Old Silly fan, read all his books, and just love this short story. Thanks for the feature, Diane! Love your blog too - I'll have to come back!

tashabud said...

Hi, Diane. I came here through Free Spirit blog.

This is a good story about our beloved Native Americans.

I've read Owen Fiddler and have written a book review for it on my blogsite:

I've also read I Romanced the Stone, which I hope to write a review for it one of these days.

I like both of them very much.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks for the story, Marvin! Our lives sometimes seem too complicated to embrace that kind of harmony...thanks for the reminder to give it a try!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Leeuna said...

Wonderful guest post Marvin. And the book trailer...awesome!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cool trailer, Marvin!

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Rockin' guest post Marvin! Loved it.

Marvin D Wilson said...

Had to stop in and say "Thanks!" Diane, for having me here today and doing such a fine job on this feature post.

Cactus - I really appreciate your continued support, thank you!

Tasha - same to you, and you are a rising star author - keep writing!

Elizabeth - so true, isn't it?

Leeuna - thank you, I had fun making it up, used MediaOne - very user freindly. :)

Alex, thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Terry - Appreciate it, I'm an old Rock and Roller, lol.

The Old Silly

Helen Ginger said...

You're a great story teller, Marvin.

Straight From Hel

Simon Hay Soul Healer said...

Hi Marvin,

I brought the barbie and a few beers. How do you like your venison cooked? Nice story, Simon.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Marvin, thanks for helping me out today! I'm still trying to recover...

ReformingGeek said...

Yea Marvin!

Good job.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Jai Joshi said...

Great guest post!

The irony of his reading about Native Americans and his own eating habits was priceless.


Talli Roland said...

Great story, Marvin. Thanks for share and for the guest post!