Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Photo Tuesday - Losing Focus

As authors, there's so many ways we can lose focus.

We can lose focus as we are writing. What began as a great idea suddenly becomes fuzzy.
Perhaps we did not outline a clear path.
Maybe the concept lost steam.
At some point, we'll need to make a decision - go back and redesign the the storyline, set it aside for the time being, or scrap it completely.

A completed project can lack focus.
We discover during the editing phase that things are not clear.
We might be trying to include too many characters or subplots.
Our writing might meander in too many directions.
If our book lacks focus, readers will give up and surrender.
We will need to tighten up our work, possibly relying on test readers to point out the problem areas.

Our initial reason for writing can lose focus.
What began as a passion becomes routine and dull.
Our enthusiasm wanes and we forget what we were trying to accomplish.
The daily grind and endless demands on our time can eat away at our purpose.
We need to return to that spark, to that moment of child-like wonder and rekindle our excitement.

Our future path loses clarity.
Rejection wears on our desire to continue.
Even success causes us to wonder how we will repeat that moment.
We feel as if we are struggling to move forward and our path is blocked.
We grow weary and start to retreat.

This is where the power of friendship comes in. This is where a suuport team of fans, friends, and cheerleaders help us to find our path again. It's the community of those blazing their own trail that encourage us to set new goals and keep moving forward. These very people can help us at every stage, regardless of where we've lost our focus.

I believe in this power!

And where I'm at in my life right now, I am really counting on it, too.

BTW - I'm on the road all day today. Seminar this morning, speaking engagement this evening. The highlight will be the time in between the two events, as I will spend a few hours with my mentor, author p.m. terrell. I will really need that boost, too!


Tara said...

This post come a t fitting time for me. I have lost focus (completely) on my WiP. With things so crazy in my life, I've no idea when I'll get it back. But I am lucky to have incredible RL friends and awesome fellow bloggers :)

Great post.

Karen Walker said...

This is a brilliant post because it is so very true. Please take care of you while on this whirlwind promotional trip. You are such an inspiration to me.

laughingwolf said...

so true, nothing like friends and allies to whip one back on track...

have fun with the seminar, tour and mentor :)

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

It's so true that a little bit of encouragement, a few helpful suggestions, or honest feedback can do so much to restore focus or enthusiasm for a project. I think that’s why I enjoy the writers groups I belong to so much.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I agree!
Safe travels and enjoy time with your friend.

Stephen Tremp said...

Busy girl. Its great to have a mentor to talk to. They can help calm things down when life gets crazy. Kinda like a life coach.

Stephen Tremp

Talli Roland said...

What a great post. I was reading this going, yes, yes, that's me, yes, yes! (I realise this isn't a scene from When Harry Met Sally...).

Thanks for this. It's so good to know I'm not alone in all these feelings!

Jai Joshi said...

Moral support is so important! For everyone but particularly for writers because writing is such a lonely profession.

I hope you're tour is going well, Diane. I'm rooting for you!


Nancy J. Parra said...

Great Post!! so true in all aspects. Plus I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy your road trip. cheers~

Jemi Fraser said...

Great post Diane. I think the writing community is incredibly supportive and I'm constantly amazed at how a little comment can make a world of difference to my confidence or my ms. Keep at it! Enjoy the trip and make sure you take care of yourself!! :)

Connie Arnold said...

Great post, so true, and the pictures add a nice emphasis to it!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks for this post, Diane! I agree 100% with you--the writing community is amazing!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Oh, yes. Focus. You're so right. Somtimes my focus gets sidetracked. Will try to do better. Great post.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Thanks everyone!
After over 16 hours on the road yesterday (and more today and tomorrow) I am beat on every level. Recharging and refocusing will be in order very soon!

Allyn Evans said...

Loved this post. Sending my thoughts your way. I know it can be a little draining. Just be sure and schedule some down time when you get home!!!

Janet said...

I hope you enjoyed your visit with your mentor. I so miss my writing friends, only two of us have been showing up at our writing meetings this year. So hope they start coming back again soon.