Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thank You Secret Santa!

I participated in this past season's Book Blogger Holiday Swap and yesterday my secret santa gift arrived!

Is this not cool?

I have a new book to read and some really cool scents. I am a scent junkie. My husband says we'd be rich if he owned stock in Bath & Body Works!

Thank you to my secret santa, who revealed herself as I Heart Monster

Please go visit her great blog when you have a chance!!!!

I also received the Happy 101 Award from Missy’s Book Nook - thank you, Missy!

The instructions are for me to list 10 things that make me happy, then tag some other bloggers with this award.

What makes Spunky happy?

My awesome husband and spending time with him.
My two black kitties, Rocko & Spunky.
Time to do nothing but write.
Roller coasters!!!! The more loops the better.
The sound of rain or a flowing river.
A really moving song.
Taking photographs.
The joy of friends and time spent enriching (and being enriched by) others.
Dunkin Donuts and coffee.
A long foot massage - I'm a sucker for those!

I tag anyone reading this post - what makes YOU happy?

And a special thanks to Just Jemi for the Honest Scrap Award! This is twice now I've received this award and I appreciate it.


  1. Very cool stuff, Diane! And congrats on your award.


  2. What a great Secret Santa gift! Neat idea :)

    I love your happy things - they made me smile.

  3. More stuff is always good! Congratulations on your awards Diane. Sometimes verbalizing what makes us happy brings a new clarity to our precious treasures!

  4. What makes me happy is being friends with you AND
    Yes! Time to write.
    A brilliant new metaphor.
    Traveling to Morocco.
    The Himalayas and other mountains like the Tetons, Wasatch, Alps.
    Feeling my own books in my hands.
    Color, especially yellow.
    My Great Dane's soft ears and big paws.
    My husband's smile now he is getting better.
    Pictures of my grandkids.
    Early dinner with dessert.

    Tweeting writing resources @FrugalBookPromo

  5. What a great idea. It looks like your secret santa did good.

  6. Those are wonderful, Carolyn!

  7. What fun. It's just like Christmas all over again!

    There are many things that make me happy but the quickest way to bring a smile to my lips is simply thinking about something my grandson said or did or to hear he's on the way over.

  8. What a cool idea! I may have to try to take part in a Secret Santa gift swap next year...FUN!

    Great list by the way...

    Happy Hump Day!