Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Box Office and Finding A Market

* Weekend Box Office *

The box office numbers are out and it was a record weekend.

Despite dropping 70%, New Moon grossed $42 million this weekend for a total of $230 million so far.
However, The Blind Side rose 18% for $40 million for a total of $100 million.
Mind-boggling is the fact that 2012 has now grossed $590 million world-wide!

Only four movies have crossed the $1 billion mark - can you name them???

* Marketing Tip *

Marketing is the ability to effectively reach out to consumers and offer your product or service

Find a market & need first – then fill it. Find what people want and offer it – target a market eager to buy.

Know everything about your target audience – who is your book geared towards and who will purchase it? What age & gender? What income bracket or location? Where do they shop, where do they frequent, what are their interests, etc.? How will you reach this audience? Target & know where your customers go online.

Create a profile on several of your target groups. (Often there's more than one target audience.) Discover what words will rock them, what images, to what specifically they will respond. You'll need to keep this in mind both while writing the book and preparing to market it.

Always keep in mind - will your book make them healthier, wealthier, sexier, or save them time? Think beyond the obvious with these four items, too. A book can make people wealthier by expanding their mind or sexier just by being hip enough to read it.

People purchase things because of the results & what it can do for them. They buy answers and things they desire. Tap into your prospects deepest desires.

- Adapted from my seminar "Promoting in a Virtual World!"

* I will also be a guest today on Robin Falls Kids Holiday's Author Reading at 4:15pm EST - Blog Talk Radio - reading a new excerpt from Book V!


  1. Good advice, Diane! With marketing, we're usually pointing out how our book is different from similar ones on the market. Filling a need is important. Thanks.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Those movie figures are staggering. I’m not sure, but I think I remember reading that Titanic grossed over a billion.

    Thanks for the marketing advice. I would love to hear the whole seminar. Maybe someday we’ll be in the same place at the same time and I’ll have that opportunity.

  3. Hopefully we do meet up someday, Jane!
    And you are correct - Titanic is the highest grossing film ever at $1.8 billion dollars!

  4. What great tips. The things you talked about are ones we writers often forget to consider. Thank you!

    Straight From Hel

  5. If only I knew the secret marketing tips to getting a bestseller.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. I couldn't believe the good movies that were out this last weekend!

  7. Great tips, Diane. Thanks. ARe you going to tell us the 3 other top-grossing films?

  8. Good advice here. I also want to see New Moon.

    Marvin D Wilson

  9. I'll reveal the other movies if no one gets them!

  10. Great tips!!

    I'm going to make a wild guess here. In addition to Titanic,

    Dark Knight (because i think I remember hearing something about that)

    Lord of the Rings (but I'm not sure if all three or just one)

    and either a Harry Potter film, a Pirates of the Caribean film or a Star Wars film. Can't wait to see which ones it is.

  11. Great advice. Thanks for sharing. I saw The Blind Side and liked it a lot.

    Have a fabulous week!

  12. Good job, CC!

    The four over a billion are:

    Titanic - $1.8 billion
    LOTR - Return of the King - $1.1 billion
    Pirates of Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest - $1.06 billion
    The Dark Knight - $1 billion

    The first Harry Potter is next with under a billion...

  13. I wonder how movies like Gone With the Wind would do now days? If we were to compare at today's dollars, do you think they'd have been as successful?

    You are one lady I love to learn from, Diane!