Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photo Tuesday - The Journey

Today's Tuesday post is a little different! I've selected a few moments of my journey as an author & speaker and highlighted them here. Unfortunately, as I am a professional photographer as well, I've taken thousands of photos over the years, and it was difficult to choose. But here is a little slice of life, looking back...

Here I am at a book festival with Catherine Coulter.
Okay, how many people can say they shared a panel discussion with Catherine?

This is my cousin, Chris, in Iraq. I sent a copy of my very first, self-published book to Chris, and this is my cousin siting on his Hummer, reading my book. All of the boys in his troop read my book, too.

This is an interview with NBC...

This is one of the many interviews I did with Ben at WTKF!

He always jokes that at least ONE person looks good in the photo!

This is Stephanie!

She came to a signing in Myrtle Beach, and then the following year, came to see me in her home state of Ohio. Her mother came with her and said Stephanie was SO inspired by my work!
The following year, I got an email from this man - he'd seen Stephanie's photo on my website and claimed she was a college friend and could I send her his email address? Long story short, they were engaged less than a year later!!!

This is Trish, manager of a Waldenbooks in Chesapeake!!!

She is SUCH a doll! And her hubby, Richard, always comes by to see me as well.

(This past Saturday, I got to go spend a few hours with them, too!)

On Deviant Art, she is YuriPanda - but this is my friend, Lindsay!!!

I was SO thrilled we got to meet in person!

This is Brittany.
She got one of my books in Myrtle Beach, and then her family drove over 100 mils down to Charleston so she could see me there!

This is Linda.

On Deviant Art, she is Granny-Chobit.

Due to health reasons, she's not online often anymore. But she helped me found The Writer's Meow on DA, and she came to see me when I toured through Ohio. AND took me out to eat afterwards. AND had them bring a big cake with a candle that played happy birthday all the way back to North Carolina...

This is Darlene Wofford, The Spirited Southerner!!!

We met on a List-Serv. I answered a question she posted, we exchanged messages, she ordered a book, and then asked me to be a guest on a radio program she co-hosted in Atlanta!

We've met several times now - and she contributed two chapters to my non-fiction book!

And this is me with my best friend in the whole world!

No - not Shrek!!!

This photo was taken during one of my Fall Southern Tours. My husband treated me to three days of Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios.

He is my biggest cheerleader. My hero.

And just the other day he told me how proud he was of my efforts and dedication.

That's all I really need to keep going, too. Love you, Baby!

And there's so many more - Trish (p.m. terrell) whom you've all heard me rave about; my friend Denise Sutton; CC (another Chris - so many in my life!); Stephany, a fan so devoted that I nameed a character after her in Book IV; my mom, who cries every time she reads Book II; my DA friends & fans, like MDog02; too many to name!!

Thank you everyone for the incredible journey. And just think - it's not over yet!!!!

So - what's your journey look like???


  1. Wow you DO get around! But then, what to expect from someone called "Spunky," eh? lol

    My favorite is the one with Shrek - my hero! (well besides you of course, wink)

    Marvin D Wilson

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  3. I always look forward to reading about your adventures. Love that you share so much about the promo journey. I'll be doing that soon and like the tips I pick up here.

  4. Fabulous pictures! Marvin is right you get around, of course if he met you in person he'd find out you really are as "Spunky" as your nickname.

  5. How lovely, Diane. You and your hubby are an adorable couple. So glad you are so happy on this life journey. You are an inspiration to me. And yes, I hope some day you do come visit Albuquerque. You can stay with me!

  6. Great photos. What a wonderful way to share some cool moments.

  7. Great pictures, Diane! And a nice way to remember the folks you've met on the journey. You and your hubby are sweet!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  8. What a great post, Diane!

    It was a real treat to see some of the events and special people in your world!!

  9. I really enjoyed the photo journey and I loved the Stephanie engagement story.

  10. Thank you everyone! (Sorry, JUST got home from a seminar in the southern half of the state.) I'd picked out SO many photos and wish I could post them all...

  11. You met Catherine Coulter....awesome. I read one of her books a few years back. And you met Shrek. You are a very lucky girl.

    Stephen Tremp

  12. What wonderful photos. Thank you so much for sharing. It was fun to see you and the people you've met on your tours and travels.

    Straight From Hel