Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perspectives - Photo Tuesday

During my recent flight to Oregon, the difference in perspectives between ground level and 10,000+ feet really struck me. (And being the height-junkie and photographer that I am, I had to take a lot of photos as well!)

There's many ways in which we as writers can gain a new perspective...

Sometimes we must set down our work and return later when we are refreshed.

Often it helps to have an impartial person read our manuscript.

If we are struggling with a scene or character, we can seek out someone who has gone through a similar experience and ask his or her opinion.

If we are bogged down with details or direction, we can refer back to the original outline for an overall view.

Sometimes just switching POV will give us a fresh perspective.

Any other methods you can suggest?

Oh, and happy flying!


  1. Beautiful photographs, Diane. I so love Oregon. Sometimes just getting myself up off the chair and moving to another room helps. But I have to say I'm looking forward to beginning a new writing project today.

  2. Beautiful photos. I espcially like the one of the clouds.

  3. Fantastic photos. Sometimes reading a sentence or paragraph out loud will help me catch whatever it is that's not working for me.

  4. Great photos. You must have had a good seat. Seems like most of the airplane windows I sit by are too scratched up or dirty to get good pics through.

    I think it might help to look at the intervening steps. In your mind, you think, this will happen to Joe and then he will resolve the problem by doing X. Break it down. There has to be steps between the inciting incident and the resolution. What will get Joe from A to Z?

  5. What amazing pictures!! Of course my favorite is the one of the clouds!

  6. These are beautiful pictures! Great ideas about changing perspective, too. Thanks!

  7. Love your pictorial posts. My favorite view when flying is when the craft goes up ABOVE the clouds and you can look down on the puffy cumulus like that. Sweet.

    The Old Silly

  8. Thanks! I felt extremely lucky to catch these, especially since all I had was my little CoolPix.
    And my husband assures me that I will ALWAYS have the window seat - LOL!

  9. I'm with Chris and Marvin - that picture of the clouds is AWESOME! I find clouds so enthralling. Like mountains being majestic, clouds are - surreal. Especially from that perspecive. They're so beautiful!

  10. What beautiful photos! I wish I wasn't afraid of flying.....

  11. As an Oregonian, I can't stop scrutinizing the pictures and wondering where they were taken--which to me just goes to prove that perspective really *is* everything. Sometimes when you get a new look at things, they are changed, renewed and re-visioned.

  12. So true! Love these photographs!

  13. I'm a fan of the devil's advocate. Finding the opposing position just for fun and then seeing what new thoughts it stirs.

  14. Winnie, most were over New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada, although the one with the engine was leaving North Carolina.

    Tara, I like that approach!

  15. There's something about flying that is inspiring. Funny, I never thought of that something as perspective--but there you have it. (-:
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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