Sunday, October 18, 2009

Muse Wrap-up

This past week was The Muse Online Writers Conference

If you did not get to participate this year, you won't want to miss next year's event! Online chats, week-long forum workshops, and pitch sessions with many, many publishers.

I did a chat session this past Wednesday, "When do Promotions Begin?" and covered items to consider before and during the writing phase. I certainly want to thank my moderator, Kari Wolfe - she did an outstanding job, and as she pointed out, us Wolfe's have to stick together! And a special thanks to Donna McDine at Write What Inspires You, J. Aday Kennedy at A Writing Playground, and Karina Fabian at FabianSpace for listening in on my chat! It always helps to be among friends.

Join us next year!

And tune in tomorrow for a special guest!


  1. I've heard good things about this conference. I'd like to be in the position to have time to attend next year. Sounds like you had a good time.

    Straight From Hel

  2. Sounds like a great experience. Good for you! I've heard lots of peeps say it is well worth doing.

    The Old Silly

  3. It was bigger than I'd expected!

  4. What a drag I missed your chat! Sounds like you did a great job. Good for you for doing it. I think I'll have to take the week off work next year to participate in more great workshops!

  5. Diane, thank you for this endorsement. It is much appreciated. Lea and I knew it would be a boon for beginners and for people who couldn't travel because of the expense or handicaps but it has gown way, way beyond that in the mere three years. Hoping people will register early this year. Registrations open in November. Why not get it done so you don't have to worry about it. (-:

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Cofound of the conference. Tweeting writers tips and resources all year long @frugalbookpromo

  6. What a brilliant idea! I've been so busy with the move I missed it, but hope to participate next year. Sounds like quite a success!

  7. PS: Diane, a big thank you will go in my Sharing with Writers newsletter and a link to this post on my Muse Web site page. (-: Thank you again!

  8. It is a fabulous event! Thanks for reminding me. I was at a business conference and couldn't participate, but from previous experiences I know it's an event pack-filled with excellent info and resources!

  9. I loved the MuseConference. And if you want to join for 2010, you can register already: for more info.

    If you can't wait that long, the Catholic Writers Conference Online is coming Feb 26-Mar 5. for more info.

    Karina Fabian

  10. Diane:

    To all your readers...The Muse Online Writers Conference is truly a one of the kind event. One you will walk away being inspired and wishing there was more than 24 hours in the day to implement all you have learned.

    Diane...your lecture was wonderful and I'm thrilled I had the opportunity to sit in on it.

    Thanks for the mention!

    Best wishes for your continued success.

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