Monday, October 26, 2009

Marketing Website Resources for Authors & Writers

Over the years I've compiled quite a list of sites that feature promotional tips for authors, both traditional and self-published. Since I've a lot of authors and writers who follow my blog, I would like to share some of those sites!

Some marketing & industry resources:

Writers Digest - has list of 100 best sites
Dan Poynter’s ParaPublishing - self publishing & promoting resource
Book Market - John Kremer’s site
The Literary Market Place - book publishing industry resource (and if your local library has a copy of this two volume set, I recommend spending the day researching those books!)
The Publicity Hound - publicity resource - be sure to sign up for her newsletter!
Selling Books - book publishing, marketing & writing resources
Ink Tree Marketing - self publishing & book marketing
Aeonix - independent publisher resource - Pete really knows his stuff, too!
Mystery Promotion - book promoting
The Writing Show - writing & promoting tips - Paula Berinstein is an incredible host!
Selling Books - promoting resource

And some great databases:

Book Connector - list of reviewers
Online Newspapers - lists all newspapers worldwide
On The Radio - lists all radio stations
Contact Any Celebrity - for celebrity addresses

Happy web surfing!

And I woke up this morning to this delightful entry over at Crystal Clear Proofing
Thanks so much, Crystal!!! What a wonderful surprise.


  1. What a great list of helpful resources! I'm going to begin with the first and visit them all! A wonderful opportunity for me to gain more information and insight!

    And you're very welcome, Diane! You deserve a LOT of notoriety for Overcoming! It's full of inspriation, motivation and SPUNK! - like its author! :)

    I invite everyone to please stop by and read more about Diane's non-fiction book, Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!

  2. Can't wait to check out these resources and databases. Thanks! I also plan to check out the entry at Crystal Clear Proofing.

  3. Thanks for another great list of resources!! Heading over to Crystal's page to see her take on Overcoming Obstacles with Spunk! She's right you do deserve a lot of notoriety for it. It's a wonderful book. I still use the flash cards I made from it when I need some motivation.

  4. I checked out Crystal's page first and so glad I did. I've been focusing on your "Circle of Friends" promotion. The other wasn't even on my radar. SO glad to know this other side of you.

  5. Another resource I absolutely love is the info that Carolyn Howard- Johnson puts out.

    She's got lots of frugal ideas, which are nice on any budget.

  6. Crystal, thanks again!

    Karen, that book is based on two seminars I teach. Half of my speaking engagements are instructional, and the other half motivational!

    Everyone enjoy the links. The first batch is at the top of my handout for the publishing/promoting seminar and some of the best!

  7. Great list! Thanks for sharing~

  8. Woa - power-packed post here, Diane - thanks! Also enjoyed your feature spot today at Crystal's blog. :)

    Marvin D Wilson

  9. Great list! I am loving that Book Connector site.

  10. Lots of great sites and resources. Thank you Diane. I'm going to start with celebrity addresses. See who I could stalk.

    Straight From Hel

  11. Book Connector is an awesome site!

    Helen, please let me know how the stalking works out - I'll try anything!

  12. What a helpful bunch of links! I'm going to bookmark this post and check them out when I have more time.

  13. Jenners, you could spend days going through these sites alone. Everytime I find another gem, I add it to my handout.

  14. What a great list. Your readers also might be interested in my Resources for Writers pages on One of my favorite lists is the one for MFA programs in the US. Another is a list of media release disseminators--along with mini reviews. (-:

  15. Diane, I'm honored to be on the list, and I'll be checking out a few of the resources you mentioned.

    Thanks again.

  16. Excellent. I love how you give such useful information!


  17. Joan, thank you so much for stopping by! I've received your newsletter for years and love it. I recommend your site to every writer I meet!