Friday, October 30, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different...

In celebration of the fact I am about to hit 100 Blogger Followers, I am doing a free book giveaway!

Please leave a comment here for your chance to win an E-Book copy of Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK! (or a copy of any of The Circle of Friends - your choice!) State if you are currently following or a new follower -
1 entry for commenting
2 more entries for current followers
2 more entries for posting this in your blog or tweeting
5 entries more if you are a new follower! (# 99 and on!)
and ANOTHER 5 entries if you are #100!!
Winner to be announced Sunday (or when 100 is achieved)

Woo-hoo! Thank you so much, everyone.

And now on to the book news...

Guest post from Marvin Wilson on getting published! Mystery Writing is Murder

Using Twitter for targeted marketing Marketing Tips For Authors

Wise words concerning grammar! The Old Silly

Should you sacrifice love for work? CNN

And thanks again to Crystal for doing a surprise feature for me this week!!! Crystal Clear Proofing


I am finally taking on a reading challenge - Revisit Your Childhood Favorites Challenge!
The details and signup are at Debbie’s World of Books
Read five childhood favorites by June 30, 2010.
I can do that! Can you?


Inspired by J. Kaye's Book Blog, who posts her new blogger finds every Friday!

This week, I discovered a delightful new blogger - Eleni at La Femme Readers


Heard good things about this low-budget movie, and I wasn't disappointed! Very well done, very suspenseful, and believable. Well, almost! It does have a sci-fi twist to it! There's about ten seconds of "hokeyness" in the last minute of the film (the low budget shows there and it didn't add to the film) but it was really good.
Give it a B.

We'd never heard of this movie, but it was highly recommended on NetFlix, so took a chance - and wow! A computer-animated fantasy from France/Germany, this one is so stunningly gorgeous. The story is simple - a group of underdogs set off to kill the giant dragon at the ends of the world - but everything about this story is so refreshingly original and imaginative. The artwork is just incredible and it's a shame this movie never received a wide release. It is a work of art! Check out the movie trailer at IMDB
Solid A


As requested by CC-Chronicles - more bungee bouncing - and some rock climbing!


  1. Congratulations on reaching the 100 followers mark! That's fabulous news and I'm really happy for you! You've worked hard and deserve this achievement.


  2. Thanks for more great links and pictures. You are a stunt woman at heart.

  3. Congrats, Spunky!
    I follow you week? Is that true?
    I really can't remember...sorry.
    And I am still pondering whether I should start an English blog or not.

  4. Thanks Jai and CC!

    And yes, Ashmodai, you are a follower!
    Maybe a little English in your current blog would work? At any rate, pictures transcend all languages!

  5. Congratulations on the 100 follower milestone. Awesome. I'm a follower for,hmm, six months or so. The photos of you are great. I'm so jealous of the athletic ability. Oh, and your hair is gorgeous.

  6. I have got to get out more! I'd never heard of either of those movies; I've never bungie jumped or rock climbed. I'm a slug sitting in my office. But I am a long-time follower, so I get my excitement by dropping by your place.

    Straight From Hel

  7. Congrats on 100 followers!

    I like the Childhood reading challenge.

  8. Great pics!

    Thanks for the Fantastic Friday links. And for linking to Marvin's wonderful guest post for me!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  9. Helen, get out and experience the world!

    And Karen, I'm only athletic because my brain hasn't realized my body is in its mid-forties yet.

    Thanks everyone!

  10. Can I just say "Ditto" to Helen Ginger's comment!?!

  11. This is a happenin' post! Congrats on reaching 100! That's huge! Love the Spunky photos - go you! And love the reading challenge. Thinking about it...

  12. Darn, wish I could be that 100th follower. I love winning stuff. I once won a T-shirt from Morgan's Web site.

  13. Terry, I usually don't do reading challenges, but this provides me with enbough time to 'get 'er done.'

    Sorry you're not #100 Stephen - but I appreciate that you follow me!

  14. Congrats on hitting 100! I'm jealous that I wasn't the 100th, but I'd hate to think of the posts I'd have missed if I'd waited. Here's looking forward to the next 100. :]

    And I'm a current follower. :]

  15. Congratulations! How many followers do you have now?


  16. Still 100, but that was the hurdle I wanted to cross - thanks!

  17. Hey now - two shout out's for The Old Silly in the same post! Muchas gracias mi amiga! (wink). Lotsa great stuff here as usual, and WONDERFUL photos!

  18. Straight from a reMINDer - much-needed by the muddle-aged, and I'm following now, too.

  19. You are welcome, Marvin!

    And DGreer, I resemble that muddle-aged!

  20. Great stuff here- thanks so much for posting! Luv the pics. They look like you were having a lot of fun. cheers~

  21. Sorry, Diane, I thought I was already a "follower," but I guess I forgot to press the right button. LOL. Well, now I am!