Monday, August 17, 2009

Tour Odds & Ends

The tour continues today with a guest post at Frenetic Reader

Remember, in addition to the giveaways listed in my sidebar, I am giving away one copy of Book III to the person with the most comments during my tour, which includes my own blog on days Book III is featured.

The Goodreads giveaway winner was announced - congratulations, Beth in NJ!

I am also making appearances all week on social site, Deviant Art. Commentors there will also be entered to win a free book! See my DA journal for stops & details - SpunkOnAStick

And while a major book trailer is in the works, I was treated to a surprise last Friday when fellow author & fan Jamieson Wolf posted a video for Book III. I was stunned and so humbled that he would go to the trouble of creating this:


  1. What a nice compliment for you to have someone do a trailer! I enjoyed watching it.

  2. What a fun tour you've taken on. Lots of giveaways plus a trailer (soon to be two). Congrats on all your success - it's well deserved.

    Straight From Hel

  3. Wow - what a nice gesture. Looks good too! Your tour is going great guns, it seems. :)

    The Old Silly

  4. Looks like a great tour. I'll check out your sites.

    You've won an award on my blog today. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Wow! Jamieson did a terrific job on this.

  6. He totally surprised me, Mike!

    And wait until you see the one Craig is working on...

  7. "And wait until you see the one Craig is working on..."

    Given the overall quality of Craig's work, it promises to be outstanding.