Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Thursday Excerpt - Ernie Johnson

Ernie Johnson is not just an author - he runs the Bookhouse!

Today's excerpt comes from Ernie's book, Destiny of the Divas...

Imagine, if you will, that you're a nine year old child who has a seven year old brother. Your brother was kidnapped and murdered. When you get older, you're informed that he was molested as well. All through your school years, you never got to share your life with your sibling. Even the most special day in your life, graduating from high school, was missed by the brother you hardly got to know when you were nine. Hurt, emptiness, revenge; all these things roam through your mind.

S Y N O P S I S:
For Destiny Masters, this was such a case. At seventeen she graduated from high school. Her Aunt Sylvia awarded her niece with a special guitar as a gift. Her parents awarded her with a gift of a trip to Disneyland in California. On the trip to the West Coast, Destiny held her guitar in her lap and thoughts of her brother weighed heavily on her mind. Even then, it was her desire to find those who took her brother's life, but she wondered how she could accomplish such a formidable task, when the police and FBI hadn't been able to in 8 long years.

On the trip home from California, the Leer jet they were in, came upon a severe lightning storm over Long Island Sound, and the jet was struck by a powerful lightning bolt. That same bolt of lightning traversed through the plane and struck Destiny, killing her instantly. Her spirit seperated from her body and was quickly sucked into the sound hole of the guitar. As the jet blew apart, the guitar sped away, at the first opening in the craft's outer hull, and flew to her Aunt Sylvia's back porch. Her spirit rose out of the guitar, and she looked down and realised that she was no longer flesh and bones, but dead and nothing more than a grayish form of what she once used to be. She looked towards Long Island Sound and willed the guitar's asseccories to come to her, and they did so, landing on the porch beside her.

It was then she realised she had some kind of supernatural powers, but could she use them to find her brother's killers? When she realised she couldn't, she decided to form an all-girl band and pass these powers onto them, to help her put those responsible, for her brother's death, behind bars. Along that path they would also try to rescue kids who've been kidnapped and detain their abductors.

Follow Destiny as she meticulously acquired her elite team of super-sleuths, under the guise of the band D & D, as they sought out those who have taken children away from the safety and security of their families and friends.


Dana sat off to the side of the detective. As her eyes became aglow a bright blue, it enabled her to read his mind. She perceived he was almost to a point of reaching for his weapon. Dana stood up and after she walked over to Danielle, she whispered in her ear, “He’s got two guns and is almost ready to pull one of them out. One of them is in a holster in the back of his pants and the other is in a holster on his right ankle.”
“What was that all about?” Detective Moss asked.
“I’ll tell you in a minute, Detective. Do you remember getting that note handed to you this morning?”
“What note?” He asked and remembered the note in his left shirt pocket.
“Does he know where it is, Dana?” Danielle asked.
“It’s in his left shirt pocket,” Dana replied.
“How the hell did she know that?”
“Let’s take it one step at a time, Detective.” Danielle said and looked him square in the face. Her eyes lit up a bright red and she instructed him, “Put both of your weapons on the table, detective.”
Detective Moss reached around to his waistband holster and pulled out his service revolver and placed it on the table. Then he reached down to his ankle holster and pulled out the derringer and placed that on the table.
With Detective Moss sitting across from her, Danielle unloaded both weapons, but he was oblivious to what she was doing. When she was done, she hid the bullets, and then said to the detective, “Now, detective, put both weapons back where they were.”
Detective Moss then replaced both weapons into their respective holsters.
“When I count to three, Detective, you’ll wake up and not remember that I unloaded your weapons. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I understand,” he replied from the trance he was in.
“One…two…three,” Danielle said, as the detective awoke from the trance.
“Now where were we?” He asked
“I want to prove to you that we are sincere, Detective, and that we’re not here to play silly games.” Danielle informed the veteran cop.
“I’m still confused by this, young lady, but how do you intend to prove yourselves?"
"When you came into this room, Detective, you had two fully loaded weapons."
“Yes, but how did you know that?”
“In a minute, sir…! Right now I want you to check both weapons.”
Detective Moss got more confused by the minute and reached around and pulled out the service revolver from its holster. A quick inspection and he could see that his weapon was unloaded. He then reached down to his ankle holster and pulled out the derringer. After a check he found it to be unloaded as well.
“Here’s your ammunition, Detective. I was simply trying to prove a point to you.”
“How the hell did you do that without me knowing it?”
Each one of us has powers you’d not be able to comprehend if I sat here for three hours and explained them to you.”
“Like what for example?”
“I have the ability to hypnotize people. Lisa can remove someone’s memory, Dana can read minds, and Wendy has the ability to see through walls, and that’s for starters.”

“I’m sorry, Danielle, but this is not the Twilight Zone, young lady, and I don’t believe in any of that hocus pocus hogwash,” he insisted.

For more on Destiny of the Divas, please visit Ernie here:
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  1. Reads like a WONDERFUL and creative YA book!

    The Old Silly

  2. Sounds like a strange concept. But strange sells! Hope it's a hit.

    Straight From Hel

  3. It's more than a young adult book. It's for anyone who has charge of young children: mothers, grandparents, babysitters, teachers, counsellors, etc. Those who've read it, have enjoyed it immensely.

  4. I love mind reading stories. Doesn't every child wish he or she could read minds at some time?

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Blogging at Writer's Digest 101 Best Website pick,

  5. Thanks for sharing it with us. It sounds right up my alley. I'll have to get a copy and post a review on my blog.

    Chris C