Thursday, May 14, 2009

Virtual Stops

From an author's perspective, the virtual tour is the greatest invention ever. Okay, maybe not ever. But it does allow us to reach an audience we couldn't reach in the physical.

I've a couple more stops in what I have deemed the never-ending tour. Started in February. Today I am at Writer to Reader, courtesy of Peg - Writer To Reader My tour has been a little more sporadic than most, due in part to the amount of physical appearances I make as well. Two solid weeks of virtual stops is just not possible, because I will be gone a few days during that time and unable to answer comments. (We have an I-Touch, but when I'm on the road, I don't check the Internet.)

It's always interesting to see what interview questions the site host sends or what topic they request for the guest post. (Or what topic they select out of the ones you send!) I enjoy both, but once it's completed, I think I like the guest posts best.

So what aspect do you enjoy most? Interviews? Guest articles? A book review?


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2009

    I like tours that break it up with variety. An endless string of "interview with the author"'s is a real yawner for me. So yeah - guest articles, throw in a book review. Have a trailor to view, interview one of the characters instead of the author, have the guest author's character be interviewed by a character from the host's book, stuff like that. Keeps a tour fresh and interesting.

  2. As a reader, I like guest posts the best. It seems like most Q&As cover the same material.

    And spreading the tour out is not a bad idea, I think. You hit great blogs with different audiences and slowly grow your following.

    Straight From Hel