Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's the Worst Job You Ever Worked?

Being an author & speaker is mostly fun, although it does have moments. However, I can think of far worse jobs I could be doing!

The worst job I ever had the misfortune to work was at UPS. I worked in delivery records, and had to be there at 6am in the morning. I lived over 30 minutes from Little Rock at the time, so I had to get up at 4:30am - and I don't care who you are, that hurts!

At the time, we had to keep up with our time card and there was a code for every duty. We had to account for every minute of our day. We were only given so much 'down' time, and if one had to go to the bathroom, that was 'down' time.

Sometimes when I arrived, the side door was not yet open - which meant I had to go all the way to the back, through the security check point, and by the time I reached the office, through no fault of my own, I was already a couple minutes late.

I also worked in an office full of women, and it was constant gossiping and backstabbing. (Now I know why I prefer working with men!) You had to stay on the good side of the right people, and even then, they probably still talked behind your back. Office politics were just not my thing, either.

Needless to say, it was very stressful and I made at least three trips to the doctor's during that time with stress-related problems. After six months, I was SO happy to land a position in my field of photography and escape!

So, what was the worst job YOU ever worked?


  1. The worst 'job' I ever worked was actually one of my own business ventures. I was a clown for hire. I quickly learned that not all children were as well behaved as mine, and the adults were even worse behaved! I don't ever want to do anything like that again!

  2. I sat at my computer and tried to think of a job I hated, but couldn't. Each one had something about it that I liked. Not that they were great all the time, but they weren't horrible either.

    That's sort of strange, in a good sort of way.


  3. When I moved up here to Humboldt County the job market was tight, and I did whatever I could to rub a few pennies together. I worked for a while picking squash in Ferndale, easily the worst job ever. The stoop labor was physically grueling – it was only 4-5 hours, but it was seven days a week. I gained a quick respect for people who do that kind of work all their lives. My co-workers consisted of hung-over rednecks from the neighboring town earning the price of their next bottle of Jack Daniels, and glazed-eyed denizens of the nearby Lighthouse Ranch. The Lighthouse people chanted their mantra constantly, and the rednecks fought with each other as well as the Lighthousers. It all got really old really fast. One sunny Sunday morning I was driving out there, hating it ... I made a sudden u-turn, hollered “No mas!” and headed back home to Rio Dell. That was the end of my career in farming. No Mas.

  4. Why is it that adults always act the worst in about any situation?

    Helen, that is good news for you!

    Mike, I picked strawberries one season as a teen, but it wasn't quite THAT awful! Well, then again, there was a lot of teen drama... maybe I'm just blocking out all the bad stuff!

  5. A friend who ran a travel agency talked me into training to become an agent and go to work for her.

    I was the WORST travel agent there has ever been or ever will be! Half of the clients spoke Spanish (nothing wrong with that except I didn't!) and I couldn't understand what they wanted.

    Can't tell you how many flights I booked wrong! I have panic attacks just thinking about it!


  6. Ok, not a writer, but couldn't resist this, given how much I love my present job.
    KFC - I lasted a month one summer at Uni. I quit after I woke everyone in the flat at 3am screaming "pass us a f**king zinger" in my sleep. It took three months for the chicken related nightmares to stop and 7 years before I went back in to one. To be honest, to react so badly you'd think i'd been killing the chickens or something rather than compacting trash and serving fries.

  7. Working as a sales clerk back in high school made me realize sales was not my cup of tea!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  8. The worst job I ever had was crushing tomatoes for tomato sauce at a Hunt's canning plant in Utah. My mother made me quit after two twelve hour days from 11 pm to 11 am because the tomatoes were--well, ready to be canned. I probably never would have quit on my own. Maybe that's why I don't like to cook!