Monday, March 09, 2009

My Mentor, My Friend, p.m. terrell

We meet so many wonderful people during life's journey...

I met Trish a couple years ago through the Internet. I stumbled upon a website featuring her book, Take the Mystery out of Promoting Your Book. Upon noticing that the site accepted outside material, I emailed the webmaster and aksed if I could submit my Road Warrior essay. A nice person named Trish responded and I sent my article.

I joke that I used to be a blonde. Well, it took two months and several emails with this lovely person before the truth hit me - I was conversing directly with author p.m. terrell!

She invited me to come hear her speak at the Robeson County Library in Lumberton, NC, where I finally got to meet Trish in person. (She is also president of the Friends of the Library for Robeson County.)

I also discovered Trish is a co-founder of the Book 'Em Foundation and she put me in contact with the other co-founder, Mark Kearney, and encouraged me to attend the event in 2007. That year I had a solo talk and was on a panel discussion with Catherine Coulter and Ellen Hopkins, and this past year, I was also able to participate in a panel discussion and a new solo talk. My first appearance really kicked off my school visits as well.

Trish has led me to many other events as well, both in N. Carolina and S. Carolina. She also arranged a visit to the Robeson County Library last year (this is one library that does visits right, too) and I'll be visiting again next year. Most important, Trish was kind enough to contribute a chapter to my upcoming book, "Overcoming Obstacles with SPUNK!" and it is currently featured on her website.

While all of these opportunities are incredible and I am forever in her debt, that is not what I value most about Trish.

We all aspire to be that person that everyone loves, who possesses charisma and charm and touches everyone with his or her presence.

Trish is that very person!

I have met some big-name authors, many who were media-trained by professionals, but none hold a candle to Trish. She is the most genuine and encouraging person I have ever known! I cannot picture Trish with anything but a smile on her face. She's positive, upbeat, and possesses the most youthful spirit. Trish is so giving of her time, and I am so grateful she took a few moments to encourage a young author in need of guidance. I've tried to repay her kindness by buying her books for family & friends and mentioning her at every seminar I give, but it cannot equal what Trish has done for my life...

So thank you, Trish! You are a dear friend and an incredible example of the beauty of the human spirit. Hopefully one day I can pass along to another new author the gift you so freely gave to me...

Please visit Trish at her website: pmterrell
And visit the Book 'Em site: Book ‘Em Foundation


  1. Bravo to you Ms Wolfe, for paying it forward. You hit the nail on the head with your assessment of p.m. terrell. I too had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions, and was instantly connected.

    Fortunately for me, we became forever friends. Not only that, she thinks I'm funny. What's not to love, eh?

    They simply don't come any better than Trish.

  2. Great friends are worth their weight in plutonium. And also wonderful is having a friend that is also a mentor. Appreciate your post giving up the props. Trish sounds like a fine person.

  3. Great blog- thanks for introducing a valuable source.

  4. Trish is my sister, and not that I'm biased or anything...she really is great. I'm so proud of her and that she follows her dreams. She's a gift to others who enjoy her writing and who have worked with her in volunteer organizations. I'm glad others are noticing what I've seen for years!

  5. What a wonderful testimonial for Trish. She sounds like a great friend.

    Helen Ginger

  6. Nancy, I don't think you are biased at all...

  7. How wonderful to have a mentor/friend like this!